Firelands Release Date and the future of NSUI

When a PvP season ends, you can bet that a new season isn’t that far off. Traditionally, that has always coincided with new raid content release as there’s always new gear and weapons for players to work their way towards. PvP and PvE progression has generally moved  up together at the same time.

With the end of season 9 on June 21st, I fully expect a 4.2 release around that time period plus or minus a week. Derevka made a good point that Blizzard may not release anything early July due to the July 4th weekend that’s also coming up. June 28th might be when Firelands hits the servers.

On the one hand, I don’t think we’ll be able to challenge Sinestra until 4.2 is out at the rate we’re going. On the other hand, I’m tired of the same 13 bosses over and over. We’ve been raid content starved for a while and it’s almost been 7 months since new raid content’s been released. 

On a sidenote, No Stock UI was a project I started a couple of years ago. My original vision was for it to be a location where people could go to read up on addons, user interfaces, design and maybe a bit of programming. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to live up to those expectations I set myself. I have to focus on my responsibilities here, on WoW Insider, on Enjin and with my guild which meant something had to get cut. I do think the blog idea has merit. Across the WoW blogosphere, I see occasional posts about layouts and how to configure certain addons. I do think a blog focused exclusively on the ways players interact with the game would be beneficial.

That being said, if anyone wants to completely take it over, get in touch with me. Ideally, you’re already an established blogger who has the work ethic and understands the efforts required when it comes to blogging consistently.

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