Epic Gemming Fail

Epic Gemming Fail

What works for Priests are not as effective on other classes.

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  1. Spirit on a pally? O.o

  2. *beats head on desk*

  3. Mmmm, Spirit. That paladin should pass them over to a priest like me, who adores Spirit. Yum yum!

    The changes to mana regeneration in 2.4 made a lot of non-Spirit classes (those who aren’t druids, priests, and sometimes mages) think that they need Spirit as well. Which, really, doesn’t make sense unless they have a talented passive mana regeneration ability like the aforementioned classes.

    I remember seeing on the hunter forums once a poor hunter lamenting how his mana seemed to drain quicker post-2.4. Someone told him to gear for more Spirit to correct the problem. That made me want to band my head on a desk!

  4. I’ve seen paladins do that before, and it makes me sad. 🙁

  5. I think I just died a little in the inside.

  6. Hey, at least it was cheap. ^^

  7. /facepalm

  8. This reminded me of an old Chinese saying I heard a couple years ago, whilst backpacking through Tibet:

    “A paladin gemming spirit is fucking retarded”

  9. If it makes you feel any better, that there won’t beat this one warlock I ran into.

    She had +18 healing gems in all slots, so she could “heal her pet”. I ran away screaming.

  10. My paladin wants to choke a bitch.

  11. Ha! You think that’s failure? Check out the gloves of a priest in my guild 😛

  12. Regis: That’s pretty epic fail there, too!

  13. Well they have it half right. +heal, Which is a lot better then some of the failures in gear and gems I have seen in the past year.

    Me? I have 5-6 of the heroic drop epic heal/spirit gems banked for possible wotlk spirit changes.

  14. perhaps he was only gemming with heroic gems? o_O

    I mean those are free after all if they drop…

  15. It’s a possibility, but I don’t think that’s the case here. The icon of the gem looks like a Shadow Pearl. It doesn’t match the icons of an Unstable Sapphire or an Imperial Tanzanite.

  16. It’s definitely a Shadow Pearl. I had a friend of mine cut some for me to sell the other day.

    The pally in me wants to believe it was the only item available to him at the cheapest price, but I know there are other gems that sell for the same price that are better for pallies.

  17. Arduanne says:

    Oh, that breaks my little pally heart. On my realm it’s much cheaper to get dazzling talasite than to get the purified shadow pearls.

    I feel bad for my shaman cause she went to Kara and we had some healing gear drop that was cloth, which of course had spirit on it, but I wasn’t going to deny +20 more healing just b/c of some spirit.

  18. OMG……………

  19. Well, he sure raised our spirits with that 🙂

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