Druids Love Conquest!

Druids Love Conquest!


Just a quick one this lovely Friday morning. I’m showcasing a piece of commissioned art by Paint whiz Lagniappe. I requested a new Conquest logo with fuzzy kittehs and bunnehs, and boy did he deliver. I like to think the Broccoli is me, accompanied by my non-combat pet, Pookybuttons the tabby cat. I also love how the Moonkin is petting the bunny. All is peaceful in the animal kingdom–double Vanquisher must have dropped on every boss this week.


Here’s the full masterpiece. I have my fingers crossed that Matt will pick this as our new logo…or at least print it up on a T-shirt. A broccoli stalk can dream, I suppose?

Do broccoli dream of electric ranch dressing?

Who knows? What I do know is that I have a definite love for all things silly.

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