Dressing Up Your Druid in Blues and Greens

Dressing Up Your Druid in Blues and Greens

Picture this, dear readers.

You’ve just hit 80–in fact, you dinged five minutes ago. You’re still wearing many of your shiny purple epics from the BC era, perhaps even the coveted 4 pc T6. A tell comes in, and you’re needed to heal heroic Halls of Lightning. You walk inside, clear to the first boss, and—-ta da, you find that you’re undergeared. What’s a tree to do?

Many of us floated through the leveling process still on a high from our successes at the end of BC. Thanks to a series of ever easier-to-access epics, many of us were very well equipped–for BC content. That has all changed! This is one suggestion for how to get the greens and blues that will allow you to do heroics, Obsidian Sanctum, and Naxx without repeatedly apologizing to your dead teammates. I’ve focused on two areas–regen and healing throughput–that are the main weak point of the new 80. Stamina might have been important in late BC raid content, but we’re not at that point in Wrath’s raid cycle yet.

In order to make my list, I’ve used this post from Phaelia, in which she kindly filtered Wowhead for the rest of us lazy willows. To focus my choices further, I’ve gone for the easiest, cheapest options for each slot.


Helm of the Majestic Stag

This helm can be bought from the Kirin Tor quartermaster at Honored. Just get your Kirin Tor tabard and take a spin through a few regular-level dungeons.

Extra Credit:
Helm of Anomalus

This better helm comes from an easy boss in the Nexus, which is the easiest heroic I’ve done. In fact, I’d say that the Nexus is the new Mechanar–5 quick, easy badges just ripe for the taking. In addition, there are several workable healing pieces throughout.


Amulet of the Crusade

This item is a quest reward from “The Admiral Revealed,” a group quest in Icecrown.

Another option:
Dragon Prow Amulet

If, like me, you’d rather run a heroic than do a group quest, this is a nice little BoE zone drop from Heroic Utgarde Keep. You may be able to purchase one of these as well.


I’m using the Runecaster’s Mantle, a BoE blue that seems to drop like candy from Heroic Utgarde Keep. One of my teammates sent me one far before I hit 80. I really like it and would recommend it to anyone, despite the fact that it’s cloth. Even if you can’t find it in your guild bank or the AH, it comes from a very easy heroic, which is a big plus.


The easiest option, and the most expensive, is the craftable Wispcloak.

If you don’t feel like going the crafting route, there are four drops from Heroics that will do just fine.

Try the Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape from H Oculus, the Reanimator’s Cloak, a BoE from H Drak’Tharon Keep, the Shroud of Moorabi from H Gun’drak, or the Subterranean Waterfall Shroud from Ahn’Kahet. I haven’t had luck with this slot yet, so unless I can find that BoE on the AH, I may just save my money for the craftable. At the moment I can’t afford it, because I already paid for the BoE epic leather boots and pants.


Bauble-woven Gown

I see everyone–including me–wearing these. This is a delightful little quest reward from a collection quest within Utgarde Pinnacle. Even if you can’t finish the instance, you can do this quest.

Another option:

Ymirjar Physician’s Robe

This one is leather and looks very druidic. It’s a Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle zone drop, but since it’s BoE, you may be able to buy one.


Soaring Wristwraps

This is a quest reward in the Oculus. It’s not an easy dungeon, and the quest requires killing the last boss, but it’s definitely worth doing once and picking up these beauties.

Another option:

Overcast Bracers

You can also go the crafting route with these bracers. They have resilience, but they’re still not half bad for PvE.


Gloves of the Time Guardian

This is the reward for successfully completing the Caverns of Time: Stratholme. It’s well worth the effort.

Extra Credit:
Gloves of Glistening Runes

These gloves drop from the (easy) final boss of Heroic Nexus. They have great stats for resto druid and will serve you well until you get a tier piece.


Fishy Cinch

I’m going for this reputation reward, purchasable at Revered with the Oracles. They’re so cute, I’ll even wear something that smells like tuna to show my support. Besides, I want one of those eggs.

Another Option:

Overcast Belt

This item is craftable and may be quicker to obtain. True, it spends some of its item budget on resilience, but if you PvP as well as PvE, this might be a nice piece to acquire.


Leggings of Heightened Renewal”

These are the quest reward from “The Iron Colossus,” which appears to be a vehicle quest in the middle of a large chain. Personally, I find it easier to do dungeons than to chase these quest rewards down, but to each her own!

Another Option:
Opposed Stasis Leggings

Once again, Heroic Nexus. Did I give you enough reason to go there yet?

If you have infinite money:

Get the Earthgiving Legguards, a BoE purple, crafted. I spent my hard-earned gold on these and the matching boots in the hopes of being able to pass more to my teammates in Naxx 25.


I found this slot pretty tricky. Here are some decent options:

Flourishing Band, a quest reward from “The Struggle Persists” in the Oculus

Lion’s Head Ring, a quest reward from “For Posterity” in Gun’drak

Kurzel’s Angst, a quest reward from “Search and Rescue” in Drak’Tharon Keep

Extra Credit:

Band of Enchanted Growth

This item drops from Mage-Lord Urom in Heroic Oculus, and it’s what I’m wearing. Be warned, however–the Oculus is not easy, although this particular boss shouldn’t cause trouble.


There’s absolutely no need for me to weigh in on this slot. Go read Matticus’ trinket exposé on WoWInsider!

The only thing I will suggest is the Badge of the Infiltrator which is a very good, very accessible green quest reward from “Sabotage” in Zul’Drak. That +46 Intellect turns out to be more useful than I thought it would be in terms of regen.



I’m a lucky druid. My friendly neighborhood leatherworker (thanks S13!) sent me a pair of these in the mail back when I was a wee 72. They’re pretty much great for trees until you get an epic replacement, either through crafting or through a Naxx drop.

And for the moneybags:

Don’t count out the Earthgiving Boots. These are a solid item and a bit cheaper than either the craftable pants or cloak. However, I don’t suggest springing for these unless you’ve already got many of the materials–the Eternal Lifes set me back more than I’d like to remember. If S13 hadn’t provided the leather and my heroic runs the orbs, I would probably have waited on these.

That concludes my green-and-blue roundup. Yes, I did sneak a few little purple in there…but hey, it’s my favorite color. Equip yourself in some or all of these things, and you’ll find that you have an easier time healing heroics and entry-level raids.

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  1. shoulders?

  2. Druids are insanely awesome in 5 mans

  3. Ah, I forgot them. Editing now.

  4. A great article! I know now what to look out for when doing quests.

    Marcs last blog post..MySpace Horrors

  5. Add Druid Augments to your to do list for enchants, leg patches, and gems and belt buckles and stuffs.

  6. What do you suggest for Idols?

  7. I Don't heal says:

    “Stamina might have been important in late BC raid content, but we’re not at that point in Wrath’s raid cycle yet.”

    Have to disagree here. Stam makes a difference on Sapphiron, on Kel’thuzad 25, on Gothik, on Heigan, on Loatheb, and on Maexxna. All of these fights are more forgiving with a bit more health.


    more than anything, Stam makes a difference on Malygos.

    Malygos’s vortex ticks for 2000 damage, every second for 10 seconds, followed by 10% of your max health in fall damage. Now, with 2 AoE healers tossing out heals, I still find that people below about 18k buffed end up dangerously close to death coming out of the vortices, and godforbid Mally follows it up with his randomtarget arcane barage (which will hit random raidmembers for about ~10k.).

    Stam matters in wrath, absolutely. Fortunately, the gear you’ll pick up has gobs and gobs of it.

  8. @ I don’t heal:

    I don’t think we’re at the point where a healer would stack stam over spellpower, spirit, intellect, or mp5. Your point about Malygos is interesting, but this article is directed at the druid who’s just starting in Obsidian Sanctum and Naxx–of course their gear will look different when they’ve cleared those and take on Malygos. That’s the most difficult of the raids out there right now, and while some players are in there already, that’s not really the audience for the post.

    @ Donovan:

    The idol question is tricky. I’m about to buy the Lifebloom idol from Emblems of Heroism.

  9. What about the Gloves of Northern Lordaeron from Old (New?) Stratholme (Normal)? They’re near-identical to the Gloves of the Time Guardian, without that residual guilt from wearing *shudder* cloth.

    Also, in terms of breezingly easy heroics, I found New (Old?) Stratholme to be quite rewarding and simple (Second heroic three of us had done in Wrath, including both healer and tank), and it included both Plague-Infected Bracers and, also tasty, the Necromancer’s Amulet. Salram also drops a gorgeous cloth (*shudder*) helm that I want.

    Llanions last blog post..Things to note.

  10. Did you shy away from cloth pieces for any particular reason? Like Moonshroud Robe, Drakewing Rainment, Robes of Crackling Flame, and Insect Vestments?

    I also noticed you seemed to go for crit where I put gear with haste on my list. I’m interested to know more of your thoughts on where crit should rank for resto druids, because I’m still scared to touch it for fear of being pecked to death by crit chickens : P

    (BTW – I adore all your posts.)

    Aertimuss last blog post..Pre-Naxx Resto Druid Gear

  11. erm, very intersting: as i’m a feral druid, willing to follow the resto path… but but…. u should say something of weapons as well what staff/ main-off you started with?

  12. A fine guide, already emailed the link to myself for when I finally get my druid to 80.

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