Alright, so you all may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent as of late.  Believe me, it’s no fault of my own.  I love to blog.  Throughout my tenure here, I’ve been able to start some great conversations.  Seems like everything is going fine, right?  Yeah, F*** that.

Everything’s all fine and dandy until you’re not allowed to write anything.  I wrote a post debating one of Matticus’s points (actually, I’ve done a couple counter-point posts).  Have you seen it?? No.  Why?  Well we have a system:

I write a post.  I edit the post.  I schedule the post according to the rules.  I’ve learned that this is when posts get “approved.”  Most of the time, totally fine, but this time, no.  Matt goes in and just stops the post , simply because he doesn’t like that it disagrees with his.  I thought I was supposed to be able to write what I wanted?  Yeah, it’s f***ing bull****.  Ask me to join your blog and then I can’t even debate you.  Just write my f***ing posts for me, then.

I ORIGINALLY was going to start my own blog.  That way, who gets to “approve” my posts?  Me.  I don’t have to get cutoff by some douchebag.  Seems like I had the right godd*** idea the whole time.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s poor management like that.  And I’m not the only one.

Call the cops because I’ve been robbed. Robbed of my right to be treated like a decent respectable blogger. I mean I put in my dues! I sweat and pour over my writing as much as everyone here! Why am *I* the one that get’s shafted? I hope your editors read this Matt and learn just how much of a jerk you really are!

I’m not supposed to put this up here, but you all read this blog, so you should know what happens.  Lodur, as you know, is now writing for  Know who’s NOT writing for as much anymore?  Matt.  Guess who’s pissed!!  Matt.  Lodur has told me countless times how much he still loves writing for this blog, but you’ve seen him less and less, too.  My personal thought is that someone is holding a f***ing grudge cause they’re a little butt hurt.  Not our f***ing fault you’re a reject, Matt.

So, F*** the schedule, F*** the censoring, F*** this blog, and F*** you, Matt.

Yeah I said it.  /rant off

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  1. Thes we talked about this man. It’s not like that at all! It’s ok. You’re just under a lot of stress! Really it’s OK!. We’ll go for coffee or something man and talk it out. I promise it will be alright!

  2. Matt’s gonna kill you, bro. XD

  3. 04/01/2010 is win!
    .-= Hesston´s last blog ..Video: Lady DaDa =-.

  4. This is what we get for April Fool’s?

    I’m disappointed.
    .-= Raesa´s last blog ..Addons for a Raid Leader vs. a Healer =-.

  5. albinosquirrel says:

    hug it out

    it will help

  6. Dannyocean says:

    April Fools… right?

  7. Who is the butthurt one?

  8. The big question is the value of ‘p’. Let me just throw a few numbers here to show what I mean:

    For p = 76%
    4197 6389 6478 6544 7803
    7631 7604 5006 4299 6006
    6739 4557 5985 7315 4841
    7870 6382 2454 5169 3404

    For p = 78%
    2966 5810 4818 3981 6154
    3986 3470 7790 7415 5284
    5062 6187 3125 6980 5817
    4944 7398 7714 6105 4776

    For p = 80%
    7323 7646 2950 7573 2589
    2810 7925 6658 7220 4469
    6733 4162 5271 2518 2687
    3278 5883 2112 3620 2346

    Now these numbers may appear completely random, which is in fact true, but they clearly support my point and prove Thespius is right.

  9. krizhek says:

    He was pretty pissed yesterday. I guess this is what its about.

  10. Stick it ta de man! Don’ fohget ta take pictahs when joo stickin’ it. Joo know. Foah evidence. … Jus’ in case.

    Same wit’ de huggin’ – lotsa pictahs.

  11. my question is how did you get this post up and why would you put up this one instead of the other one?

    also matt is still writing raid rx for so I don’t think he’s jealous of Lodur…

    and finally I doubt he denied your post because it argued his, but instead becuase you probably used invalid arguements

    think about it he let you put up the old post against his when you said you would not carry people and he said that he would

  12. Matt (not that one) says:

    I am sure you will feel better tomorrow ; )

  13. I have a terrific blogger who would love working for your site. Her name is Lirpa Loof. Cheers!

  14. Acrimony says:

    Thespius, I feel your pain. I wrote a post for NSUI on raid healing for beginners, in which I categorically stated that anyone wanting to use VuhDo could probably do a better job by simply facerolling after a discount nose job while riding a pogo stick. It’s “under review” for anglicised spellings.

  15. Great post 😀 I’m starting to love April Fools! Although it is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between fake posts and real ones 😉
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..WoW To Offer Paid Class Change =-.

  16. Maybe I’ve got no sense of humor but assuming this is an April Fools’ Day joke, it’s sort of tacky. With the loss of tone of voice, things come over starker in text but even as a joke this post doesn’t really sound like the sort of things you should say about a collaborator/co-worker type.

  17. Our Bromance is over.
    .-= Matticus´s last blog ..Done! =-.

  18. Ah told joo ta take pictahs whiah it last, didn’t Ah?

    Dwahves, psssht.

  19. Yeah this would be more believable if you did not say that he censored all posts.
    .-= sirfwalgman´s last blog ..Stop Annoying Me =-.

  20. If it’s an April’s Fool post, it’s a bit disgusting…
    .-= Caireann´s last blog ..Kiriban caught! 😉 =-.

  21. xenogriff says:

    not really impressed…..i mean april fool’s is meant to be sort of funny, this to me does not strike me as funny…..

  22. This got posted = Matt approved

  23. Phaythe says:

    We all knew that this was a joke because it’s impossible to refute anything Matticus says… duh!

  24. Lychordia says:

    Hehehehe. Funny one. At first I was like, “Great! More freaking guild drama….” Then I got it. And your readers calling it tacky… HA! Hilarious. It made my day… Or 2 days after April Fools anyway…

  25. Um – unless I missed something like some sort of hidden code, usually people confirm that something is an April Fool’s joke the same day or shortly after. Wasn’t particularly funny if it was. Sorry.
    .-= Napps´s last blog ..On my Downtime =-.

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