Dear Ruby Sanctum: How Not To Be A Raid Encounter


Last week I talked about what I thought the Ruby Sanctum had to live up to. I reminisced about the encounters that made Wrath’s raiding scene fun for me. Thanks for chipping in with your thoughts too folks – feel free to keep them coming and do the same this week. I’ll never forget my own favourites and if the Ruby Sanctum manages to come close to them then it’s on fire.

… Sorry about that one.

Anyway. This week I’m intrepidly heading back down memory lane to the dark alleys where the worst encounters lurk. The ones that caused me to daydream about throwing the computer out of the window whilst we recovered from yet another wipe. Or the ones that encouraged me to try taping my cat’s paw to the keyboard while I put the kettle on, because we just had to get through the encounter to get to the Fun Stuff ™. Worst of all, the encounters that should be truly inspiring but one design flaw let it – and me – down.

Beware, Ruby Sanctum. Here there be monsters. Quite literally. If you find yourself amongst them you’ve Done It Wrong.


5. Faction Champions – Let me make one thing clear: if I want to PvP I’ll go to a battleground or do some arenas. It’s great that they took the Priestess Delrissa fight from TBC a step further. That was chaotic fun. The ‘fun’ part translated badly into a situation involving 10-25 people, many of whom (including myself) are not ardent PvPers with a desire to hone PvP tactics. I’ve found that trying to organise (or be organised for) PvP-style opponent management when the 9-24 people you’re working with are either loyal PvEr’s or PUGers is just a headache. Don’t do it again, Blizz.

4. Lich King – I know I know. It’s the last fight of the expansion, of course it’s special, right? Special isn’t always good. First oversight: the quality of the dialogue between Arthas and Tirion before the fight. It’s frankly shoddy. If I’m being crude, most of it also has homoerotic undertones that I’m sure Blizzard didn’t intend. Go and read it if you don’t believe me. A ‘skip intro’ button as with Deathbringer Saurfang would have been really useful here. And if I’m being picky – might as well be – Arthas’s girth makes me think he’s only really a threat to pies.

But my main problem with this encounter was its mechanics. If you ask for tactics in any Wrath encounter at least one person will say “Don’t stand in the fire”. It is a joke but people say it through pursed lips. They’re tired of it being the basic tactic for most fights. The Lich King encounter is just that: you’ll be fine if you don’t stand in the fire black goo and move at the right times. Sadly, this really makes it the fight designed to finish Wrath off.

3. Sindragosa – I included Sapphiron in my top five last week because when the fight mechanics were fresh when we first edged into his lair. That didn’t mean I wanted a near-identical fight later in the game. Not only are the mechanics a rip-off but the boss looks the same (though has undergone a gender change since we saw him in Naxx). Sindragosa’s fight mechanics do have a different twist to Sapphiron’s. I just resent peddling the wheel like a good guinea pig to get through phases 1 and 2 in order to reach that fun part of the fight which would probably kill my group so I could do it all again. I can’t understand why having players repeat two long phases full of easy mechanics because the fun, difficult and adrenaline-inducing stuff is squeezed into a mad 30 seconds at the end got past – or to – the PTR.

2. Malygos – This encounter has a lot going for it. I quite enjoyed the large blue dragon flying around the room taunting during wipe recovery. I mean, for an arrogant dragon, it sounded believable. The fight mechanics were interesting up to a point – working with sparks provided an extra layer of challenge and the whole of phase 2 was particularly fun given the first character I took to Malygos was a melee DPS.

What? I’ve just praised it to the heavens? But wait, this encounter does deserve to be high on this list. Why? Phase 3. Partly because whilst being dropped on to a dragon looks cool, I don’t appreciate a game effectively saying “right! Quick time event. You need to already know and/or mind-read which dragon abilities to use while moving in 3d space – and we mean moving, ‘cos there are fires to not stand in!” But even that isn’t the real problem. That’d be the lights. There are too many in phase 3. They flash. They move. The pretty colours aren’t pretty so much as neon. I know people who get headaches from them and I’ve been in raids which have wiped shortly after the healer said “arghargh the lights.”

1. Razuvious“Bring the player not the class” was Blizzard’s tagline regarding raiding in WotLK. A raid with any composition of classes can defeat any encounter? Great idea. So why did I often spend hours fishing whilst waiting for my Naxx25 groups to try to find two shadow priests for Insdtructor Razuvious? And then why did many of those groups collapse like a pie on Arthas’ plate after we wiped once on Razuvious? Because the hidden clause was that not just that we need two priests – and until it was hotfixed you need two with +hit gear – but to narrow it down further any group needed two who know how to mindcontrol-juggle-tank. Razuvious was an interesting fight mechanic spoiled by a deviation from Wrath’s goals, which would have just been more fun for everyone if any class could have stepped up to the orb in 10 and 25 man.

So providing the Ruby Sanctum doesn’t force us to PvP under a disco ball as a raid composed of 10 paladins – after a dodgy scene we’ll cringe at fifty times – it should be fine. Bring on the fire.

What do you think – what are your very worst memories of any WoW encounters, and why?

This is an article by Mimetir, an owl (and resto shaman) of a raid leader on The Venture Co. (EU) You can find my twitter feed here.

28 thoughts on “Dear Ruby Sanctum: How Not To Be A Raid Encounter”

  1. A’lar is my mortal enemy. Yah I know I know don’t stand in fire. But when my guild and I were doing A’lar back in BC and I was playing wack-a-mole I just couldn’t move fast enough.

    The one and only time I lived the raid cheered me actually being alive at the end of the fight rather than downing A’lar. Good times.
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  2. Yeah, the LK/Tirion dialogue really does set a new benchmark for “unintentionally gay fantasy”. A minute solid of big guys talking about how they’re going to torment each other with their mighty weapons? They might as well have added thirty seconds where Tirion and Arthas check each others’ safewords.

    Of course, the sheer number of times you’re forced to listen to it doesn’t help. By the time we’d downed the LK, we had an entire “alternative” dialogue tree worked out.

    “YES! I shall force you to bow down before my enormous weapon. It is large, black, and kind of veiny.”

    “Never! My weapon is nearly as large, and has a funny-shaped ball at the end.”

  3. I actually really enjoyed the Sindy fight. Being an unholy DK who could just hit anti-magic shell and continue merrily DPSing while the rest of the raid ran away every 30 seconds probably helped.

    The fight that tops my “argh no” list is Blood Princes. It’s just too darned confusing, and it takes the phrase “movement-heavy fight” to a new level of ridiculousness (see also: Phase 3 of Malygos, as you rightly mentioned).

    I thoroughly agree with you about Faction Champions as well. I have only one level 80 toon. She has Kingslayer and a bunch of other impressive stuff, but she doesn’t yet have “That Takes Class”. I think I probably have less than 2k honor points total across every toon I’ve ever rolled. That’s how much I don’t want to PvP.

    Do PvP players encounter this? I mean, is there a bit in the middle of Alterac Valley where your whole team has to gang up to down a raid boss before you can go back to ganking? (I have never in my life played AV – can you tell?) It’s only fair. We have to put up with forced ventures into their world, so they should occasionally have to PvE. Amiright? Amiright? Who’s with me? *tap tap* Is this thing on?

  4. Actually there are several raid boss-style encounters in AV, but they’ve never done that again in a battleground – I guess it wasn’t that popular 🙂

  5. Malygos phase 2 is SO fun! I just love the collapsing bubble safe-zones.

    Sadly, I’m a complete discotard, and while the lights don’t give me a headache, they disorient me very badly so I often find myself flying in the exact opposite direction of everyone else. I’m already horribly bad at vehicle fights and 3d movement, adding distracting “landmarks” to the background makes it 100% worse. Fortunately, we’re at a stage now where a group (composed of less spatially inept people than myself) can probably get by without me while I fly in circles trying to find everyone else.
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  6. My top 5 worst encounters in no particular order.

    Princess HuHuran AQ40. I hate any end game fight that requires me to go back into MARAUDON to farm resist gear just to have a ghost’s chance in hell at being able to survive the fight while gimping my primary raid function. This was also the first raid kill I had when I moved into my current apartment and had no furniture and was playing on the floor.

    Shade of Aran: The fight itself is not difficult, getting people to sit still and not blow everyone else up however…. a whole other story. I remember before they fixed it and pets would trigger the explosion. My hunter could never find a kara group. Ever!

    Instructor Razuvious: To be honest I didn’t like most of Naxx after it was moved to Northrend, the reason for my dislike of it is two fold. 1. It carried over the old morals of raiding from Vanilla WoW. Certain classes were needed (like Razuvious) and other class combinations worked best for various bosses which heavily moved away from bring the player not the class (Tankadin AE threat being the absolute bomb in spider wing anyone?). 2. It always felt empty after all the trash was removed for 25 man tuning. I miss wading through a sea of mobs to get to my goal. I LIKE KILLING HENCHMEN! Instructor though was a kick in the nether orbs. If you didn’t have two priests (three if one of the priests sucked) you simply couldn’t do the encounter. At least not without resorting to some drastic measures (hellooooooo hunter triangle kite).

    Prince Malchezaar: This fight can seriously just go. It relied way too heavily on complete RNG and luck for infernal drops. Seriously? I can’t tell how many time I had an absolutely perfect group of A-list raiders and still wipe on this fight because the RNG boxed us in. Any fight that relies on RNG with such dire circumstances can just….well…. die in a fire (heh)

    Archimonde: Let me explain something about this fight. If you look in lodur’s dictionary for the word “nemesis”, you will see Archimonde’s picture next to it. Archimonde was the first time I was thrust into a leadership role in a raid. Ever single night something would go wrong. Players would DC, the fight would bug out, really any number of things that could go wrong did go wrong. This fight took my guild 131 attempts and some masterful artwork in MS paint to kill. It got so bad that at one point in the attempts I actually snapped and went off on vent. The only time to date that I have done so. Calling people out by name and causing everyone in the guild to be quiet and wonder WTF just happened. My hatred of this encounter is purely reactionary to all the bugs that we were forced to endure. I still hate this fight. When people want to go back and knock out old achievements I bail if hyjal is on the docket. I refuse to step foot in that place just because I do NOT want to see Archimonde. No single fight in this game has frustrated me as much as he did. As a new officer and healing lead at the time, maybe it was just stress but I hate that fight with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.

  7. Be careful what you wish for, Mim! Trust me, you’ll have plenty of fire to deal with in Ruby Sanctum’s Hard Mode. ^_^

    And I’m going to fight you back about the Scourge’s pudgy leader. Yes, the LK encounter is all about not standing in the “bad” spot for that phase or moment. But the level of punishment it exacts for being in the wrong spot, and the fact that you have 8-15 minutes of mental anguish of your entire raid team switching from right spot to right spot, means that it’s one hell of a grueling encounter. HM10 was maddening and HM25 is just certifiably insane. So naturally, it ranks above Yogg0 and Sarth 3D for my all-time favorite encounters. (heh)
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  8. I really loved faction champions -but it wasn’t PvP at all. Nothing… remotely like that. In fact, I’d really love more fights were like that. PvP really is nothing like Faction Champions, and for the simple fact that it made every single combat related abilities you had useful, also less depending on the safety cushion of “Tank’s got it, let’s roll!”. I think I will actually write a blog post about why it was so great…

    Anyway, worst moments in Wrath. Well, Lich King really is a joke compared to Yogg-Saron. I miss the old fights with layers of phases that you had to learn and learn, Yoggy brought that back. Let’s hope more of it will return come Lich King.

    I really hated Flame Leviathan -Four Towers was cool and all, but the regular fight was dull as hell. Keep pyrite up. Really, that’s all? We didn’t even know about shutdown before we started doing four towers. The fight took less than a minute, was a complete joke. That and Malygos -Not only new action bars annoying in stuff like Domino/Bartender, but having to spam 2-3 random buttons in a random fight is really boring.

    For the most part, Wrath bosses weren’t really bad though -boring and dull, maybe, but not [i]bad[/i]. And that’s what RS should not be -boring.
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  9. So, a challenging or hard fight is going to be in the worst fight’s list?

    Every fight in the post and comment is challenging, and while I do agree that blizz could do something with the 25man version of instructor, I also agree that the less geared people will do the MC thing so it won’t affect the other’s dps.

    Flame leviathan is in none of the worst encounters, and that is because is easy (unless you do with 4 towers up). Why is malygos fight so hated? Because it was not easy to coordinate for everyone and it changes the playing style of your toon, but FL also does that, why he isn”t there?.

    Worst fights? First consider the gear you had for that time, and consider how grar helped you now make it too easy:
    1) OS +3d zerg, it shoulndt be possible, and yet it is
    2) Toc’s anub’arak, burn him to not have a submerge pahse

    Good fights:
    1) Malygos, even 10k dps will not save you from drakes
    2) Yogg saron, if it’s possible with bis blues, then is a skill fight
    3) Sindragosa, phase 1 and 2 burn, but in 3 you must be calm and coordinated or you wipe
    4) LK is not easy, every mistake costs too much
    5) Mimiron, easy or hardmode, he is hard.

    My point is, a lot QQ about the difficulty and when it has it, everyone hates it.

  10. @unpoloart: I’m guessing you didn’t read last weeks’ column if you think Mimetir is deciding she hates fights just because they’re hard. She listed Mimiron and Yogg-Saron in her top 5, too, along with “PUG killer” Thaddius.

    It looks to me like most of the comments are about fights which may or may not be hard, but which are boring, annoying or otherwise unpleasant to play. Personally, I love “challenging” (Yoggy), but I hate “tedious” (LK), not to mention “risible” (also LK), “unimaginative” (LK) or “migrane-inducing” (Malygos).

  11. Apart from the brief appearance of Grand Warlock Wilfred Fizzlebang the faction champions were the only thing I liked about ToC. It was a fight that really challenged everyone in the raid, and I say this as someone who didn’t PvP at the time.
    For similar reasons one of the fights I liked least was Gluth, where your success or otherwise depended entirely on the person (or persons in 25 man) who was kiting zombies. Everyone else had a more or less trivial role.

  12. @ekatrina: I did read the other column, but what I do see in this post is that putting Malygos on #2 just because of Phase 3, for me is just a very unfair way to put it. In fact, last week column was very accurate to what I listen an read over the past months.

    For Malygos, I know that a lot of people didn’t like the Dragon mechanics, but to say that is one of the worst encounters? I still think it is unfair. Almost no one like’s Oculus, and that is because of something similiar, and in fact, if it had more gear for tanks, I can assure you that it would be played more, that instance had almost only gear for casters (and we got screwed).

    Sindragosa is another, but similiar thing, just because it has a RNG thing going on, it does not make it one of the worst encounters. It is a coordination and awareness above all.

    Wiping on this 2 encounters didn’t mean that they were bad, but that people didn’t do what they were supposed to.

    Boring encounters are a different thing, but to me, LK, Sindragosa and Malygos should not be on the top 5 boring encounters, Deathbringer saurfang should be consider more boring that LK for instance.

    But this is only my opinion.

  13. @unpoloart: The problem with Maly and Oc is that fighting in three dimensions is just frustrating and unnatural. Maly’s other phases were borderline fantastic (the only problem being a bias towards DKs in phase 1, especially considering they were pretty much the best class for everything in 3.0), but phase 3 completely ruined the fight for me, and gave it the same problem as Sindragosa: faceroll for 5 mins, everyone stand in hard to see lightning for 15 secs. They could’ve made it one of the best fights of the expansion by just locking the drakes all onto the same plane and giving the lightning a color that popped more (you know what else is blue in this fight? EVERYTHING).

  14. @Sendirex: The colours are really what do it for me on Malygos. I have to stop playing after I do that encounter because I get eyestrain.

    I’ve noticed that “Malygos Must Die” is the only weekly raid that people routinely skip, too…

  15. The “bring the player not the class” is a joke. In TBC, you can fill the raid with any combinations of dps, healers and tanks for easy fights. The problem with raid stacking was just with sunwell.

    It’s no different in WotLK. For the hard fights in each tier you still need to stack your raid with the right classes.

    Sarth+3 10HM (back in T7 gear) – forget it if you don’t have a hybrid dps/healer as your third healer, preferably an elemental shaman.

    Anub 25HM – don’t bother if you don’t have 3-4 paladins for BoPs, and 1-2 warrior/paladin off tanks (depending on your offtanking strat). Oh, don’t forget that intricate combo of passive healing, one for each group. Eg resto shaman healing totems, feral LoTP, shadow priests.

    LK HM – for 10man, don’t bother unless your healers are paladin + priest. for 25man, we don’t even pull unless we have multiple paladins for infests and 2 disc priests. (We were in the unfortunate situation to have the legendary mace only on a disc priest). Does your tree want to heal in either 10/25? Forget it. It’s much easier to sit him so you can bring a healing team of 2 priests, 2 paladins and 1 shaman.

  16. @Noel – Hah! Funny how these ‘worst’ fights can also provide us some of the most special personal and group-shared memories, isn’t it? And congrats on the survival, back then 🙂 I’d guess many people have been in a similar position on their own ‘argh’ fight 🙂

    @Vixsin – owh dear. Well, we’ll see – am remaining optimistic. Not *all* fire encounters are bad … yay Firefighter. Jus’ so long as it’s not identical. Not that I’m asking for much!

    @unpoloart – I think this is something where we’ll agree to disagree! My metric for this list (which I should have made clearer) was not challenge or difficulty levels but simply which fights I found annoying, or didn’t connect with in some way. Last week – I, like you, listed Mimiron and Yoggy as two of my *favourites*, and that’s primiarly becauss I found them fun 🙂 Equally, my #1 problem with Malygos – and I’m perfectly serious about this – is *not* the drakes mechanic itself but the ruddy flashing lights which I find annoying, distracting and sometimes pain-inducing.

    Also, interesting you say that about Flame Leviathan – yes it’s easy, but I also think it’s fun. Are your personal metrics for best and worst bosses purely hard/easy fights – or is it a bit more complicated than that? Am curious 🙂

    @DKS – interesting post. I have some thoughts on it – I’ll mull over them and comment on it over the weekend.

    @lilham – hmm. This actually comes as a surprise to me – my guild’s progression has been a little slower than some and haven’t seen the highest-end / stacking reqs in such detail. I don’t disbelieve you, lil, but – wow – really?! Anyone else got an angle on this too?

    I’m liking the input folks – particularly how different the reactions to Faction Champions are, but I’m also enjoying hearing your worst fight lists! Keep em coming. Tell you what’s not been mentioned at all – anyone got any thoughts on Onyxia, past and present?

  17. @mimetor:

    I like challenges, a fight that requires the best of you, I play a warlock, and I love that I have a panoramic view of the fights, FL +4 is fun because it makes you think things, move, etc.

    I originally tought that you put malygos due to the drakes ( as most people say ), but for annoyance to me? It annoys me that people do not follow instructions, that don’t do what they are supposed to. For instance:

    Don’t move on shade of aran
    Don’t kill ice tombs before 4th orb on sindragosa
    Move away/don’t stand in

    More than the fight itselft, worst fights for me? All toc, why? It does not appeal me to do that raid, the lore is shit (and I am not a lore guy). To me, the best place is still ulduar, I love razorscale (with t8 gear), the fight has movement, adds, dps hard, and keep moving when he is grounded.

    I never did naxx over vanilla, but it seems a lot harder in that time, patch is one I don’t like, just dps without anything else is boring.

  18. I’m not sure that I can agree with Malygos being on this list. It’s definitely i my top 5 for this entire expansion. It was truly a really fun fight from start to finish. If I had to give my top 5 worst fights of this expansion only (so much changed so it’s hard to really count anything pre-wrath).

    5. Steelbreaker Last
    4. Faction Champions
    3. Anub’arak – Too much dependence on Paladins, too much lingering until the “hard phase”
    2. General Vezax w/ DK Tank – If this fight could have never been cheesed and forced you to kite,it could have been one of my favorites. Turns out it was realy boring.
    1. Sindragosa – Everything that can be said about this boss has already been said.

    The fights that get(got) me on edge every single time:
    5. Deathwhisper Hard
    4. Sartharion 3D
    3. Northrend Beasts
    2. Malygos
    1. Firefighter

    Some may be surprised by that #3, but I’ve always thought the designers really knocked it out of the park with Northrend Beasts, especially the hard mode. Each phase was distinct, challenging all 3 roles.
    .-= Borsk´s last blog ..Raiding, The Virtual Theme Park: Where we’ve been, where we’re going. =-.

  19. Hmm, yeah. I hadn’t thought of it, but Northrend Beasts is actually a pretty awesome fight. Nice difficulty ramp, complex but understandable mechanics, lots of eyecandy.

  20. I really, truly hate hardmode Sindragosa. It’s nothing but an RNG fest and standing around not being able to do my job for fear of blowing up the raid contributes nothing but disgust.

  21. Faction Champions is easily the worst boss encounter ever.
    The bosses benefit from PvP restrictions for the players (most importantly, reduced CC times and DR) while executing a perfect arena strategy (go for the enemy with the lowest health) at computer efficiency and reaction times, while the players can’t even use their PvP gear because 3.2 also removed Resilience working in PvE – those mobs are PvE in that aspect, they don’t even have a PvP tag.
    But even with CC on DR and all that, having many CCs was still absolutely required to at least have a chance, so especially 10man had huge requirements to bring the perfect classes for this encounter only.

  22. Whether the Lich King encounter is good or bad from a hardcore player point of view, it is a manifest failure from the “get everyone to clear the content if they want to” viewpoint that Ghostcrawler has repeatedly said is considered non-fail design by modern game designers. Right now, in the last days of the 20% zone buff, the fraction of tracked raiding guilds that have downed LK 25 is still only a bit above 12%.

    If I had to guess, I say the devs are looking at the logs with considerable dismay and disappointment. They tried to challenge most average guilds, and most failed. A lot of those guilds are pretty much toast now, which can’t be a good note to end an expansion on.

  23. @Paul: My guild is a purely casual guild, and I think I can bring to light why that 12% number exists. It’s actually really simple.

    ICC seems to be about a single variable, X, where X is the number of things to watch for. Let’s call Y the number of things your raiders can keep track of.

    When X > Y, your raid is toast.

    Me and my peeps are currently on Putricide, where X = 4 (Green ooze, Orange Gas Cloud, Flasks on Floor, Malleable Goo). Right now, we’re wiping because Y = 3 (I’m not counting the Abomination thing, because it’s a one-person job in 10 man and not hard to keep going from my point of view, as the AbomTank). The entire process right now is getting people to the point where Y = 4 (I actually wanted to hit Blood Princes first for this very reason, but eh, we’ll get there)

    The reason we react snidely to “Don’t stand in the fire,” is because that is almost always a part of it, and now days, all it does is add a mark on the X tally. It is easy to do and easy to remember UNTIL you’re also trying to remember to dodge this and nuke that.

    @Original Subject: My personal answer is anything with the vehicle UI at the end, such as Maly, because it takes many observe/wipe/rez/learn cycles to win instead of class skill and good ol’ X>Y. I love Flame Leviathan mostly because it gives you all the stuff you need, up front, where you can get comfortable and examine your skills without “ROFL-Lightning-pwn!”

  24. @Myself: Forgot to add, they don’t have much choice from a design point of view. What are their options for raising difficulty as things stand right now?

    1) Moar Gear!!!!
    2) UI changes (Arrrrgh, Dragon! Syndrome)
    3) More complexity, which is what they are doing now.
    (I recognize the above statements to be very simplified. Please send the QQ to someone else)

    For right now, they’re probably doing the best they can. I think the change from huge multi-wing raids to more and smaller raids will help a lot, as it won’t feel like such a monumental effort to raid on a shorter schedule (my people raid all of 3-4 hours, one day a week, and learning anything in ICC around the level we’re at will be interesting and time consuming, thanks to X>Y)

  25. Wow, I can’t believe Lich King making a list of worst encounters, I’m really stunned. Not letting people do heroic mode for other encounters until they beat Lich King was probably a mistake, but the fight itself is awesome. Moreover, it was awesome because the complaints about it here are patently false.

    Lich King is not just a “don’t stand in the fire” fight. Don’t stand in defile is one part of a very complicated encounter with a lot of inventive mechanics. Dropping necrotic plagues off on the ghoul pile, getting picked up by val’kyrs, changing terrain, and getting drawn into frostmourne, are all mechanics we have never seen before and are all very creative.

    This is probably the most epic fight they’ve ever designed, and the effects really show off the Lich King’s raw power.

    As for the homoeroticism, I did go read it again and I really think you are stretching there. The Lich King is *actually* talking about torturing Fordring until he wants to die and refusing to let him die. That is, it turns out, not sexy. I’ll give you the bad acting on it though, the guy playing Tirion has no idea what word to put the emphasis on.

  26. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the Plague Wing yet. Honestly, any fight in WoW will show some potential once in a blue moon, and rarely have me thinking “Whoa that was unexpected but sweet, and worth the wipe!” so I’ve become used to learning some basic mechanics and grinding out the raids. What really irkes me is when you combine the tediousness of all that while listening to a pair of giant retard babies talking about how they made a ‘bad poo poo’ or ‘brokesded it’ while their flamboyant father-creator craps his pants in excitement over some loudspeakers.

    Seriously, it’s Icecrown Citadel! Who’s the genius who devoted an entire wing to fart jokes and immaturity? We should find him, duct tape him down to a chair, and force him to listen to the soundclips he so brilliantly crafted being played on repeat for hours. He literally will crap his pants, and probably cry too.


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