CS:GO Server is Live!

CS:GO Server is Live!

I know there’s a large number of you that don’t play Counterstrike. But the game is now live and the guild server is ready to go.

Name: .Conquest | cqgaming.com | Classic Competitive | Seattle
Slots: 32 player
Location: Seattle, WA
Type: Classic competitive, FF on
Map rotation: Dust 2, Inferno, Train, Nuke

Add it to your favourites list! I’m hoping to get a stress test in later on tonight after a quick 10 man raid.

PS, 1000 gold if you can successfully get a knife off on me.

In other news, I want to thank everyone again one more time for writing in. All of the keys for MoP have been distributed and I’m sorry I didn’t have anymore to give out Sad smile.

However, the responses have yielded some useful nuggets of information with regards to what you’re interested in reading about:

  • Priests in 5.0.4
  • How to play a Monk
  • Siege of Orgrimmar (Inaccessible until later)
  • Buffs and nerfs for Warriors (I might need someone to help me on that)
  • New talent system
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