Cosmo Challenge: Your Responses

Two weeks ago, I issued the Cosmo Challenge where bloggers were asked to rephrase titles from magazines and apply it to their WoW blogs. They’ve responded admirably!

16 New and Sexy Additions in 2.4 – Altitis
The "Friendly" Arena Advice You Should Never Take – Out of Mana
12 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Guild – Perpetuusmos Guild
Little Mouse Moves to Make Encounters Hotter – Frost Mage
Be an RP-Sex Genius! – Too Many Annas
How to Get Some Tail – Pure Shock Value
Be a Shamanistic Genius (while you level!) – Too Many Annas

Thanks for participating, guys! I have no idea what magazine to try next. Any suggestions?

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  1. Modern Housewife!

  2. Have you thought about tabloids? “Shock shammy shenanigans in shattered halls”, “Blood elves hit back at gay slur”, “Exclusive: Kael’thas speak out” etc.


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