Want to Contribute?

Does World of Matticus accept Guest Posts?

In a word, yes. The first thing you have to remember is that in the World of Matticus, there is but one god: Matticus himself. Guest posts usually happen when I put the word out that I needs help.

In the past year, I’ve opened up guest posting to bloggers and writers that were interested in getting their feet wet. Today, I’m officially announcing the green light for open guests posts as well as setting down guidelines and suggests for writing them. Here’s a few examples for you to consider.


  • Originality – It can’t have been published on the internet before.
  • Exclusivity – Sorry, the post can’t be published anywhere else (as a guest post in another blog or on yours)
  • Credits – Of course I’ll let you link to your own blog! That’s the point!
Why write a guest post?

Exposure By writing compelling articles, stories or posts in general on other blogs (not just mine, mind you), you increase your own visibility and exposure. View it as a chance to promote yourself and your work! Now you be thinking to yourself “why write on someone else’s blog when I can augment my own?” I encourage you to think in a different direction. By writing an insanely awesome blog post for another blogger and having it published, that blogger’s audience will want to know more about you and what else you have to offer.

Trial – Not sure if blogging is the right thing for you? At the very fundamental core of blogging is to communicate. You are translating your ideas and visions from your mind onto the screen. Don’t spend time establishing a blog only to discover that writing is difficult for you or that your interest has waned. Do the writing first then build the blog. Try writing a sample post and determine if it’s something you think you’ll enjoy down the road. Web sites come in all sorts of designs and styles. The one thing that all blogs have in common is the display of information.

You’ve decided to write a guest post? Excellent! Here’s a few things you might wish to consider:

Consider the audience

If you’re writing about the nature of Hunters, PvP skills for Warriors, or the latest fashion news on Death Knights, you’ll want to consider another blog unless you can make it relevant for the readers on this blog.

What makes this blog appealing for you? Chances are, your answer will be the same as the other many thousands of readers. Browse through the archives to find some of your favourite posts and you’ll get a handle for what works and what doesn’t.

Matticus is beneficial

The one thing I stress most from the team here is to make your information useful. Give the reader something to take with them when they finish.

How does a Discipline Priest react in this raid situation? Did your GM handle a particularly difficult problem in a smooth fashion? Topics like that would be right up the alley in the World of Matticus.

Content in the World of Matticus should help answer problems that players find in the World of Warcraft.

Matticus is professional

I don’t care if you’re on the top 5v5 team in the world, or the best ranked Ret Paladin on WWS. At the same time, I’m not expecting you to be Dan Brown either.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Drop me a line on my contact form. You can include a post within the body of the form there or get in touch with me first and float an idea my way to see how it sounds. I’ll respond with a confirmation and a giant thank you! If I don’t respond within a week, I must’ve not received it or I completely forgot about it. Feel free to poke me with a gentle reminder!

If you have a blog, it’s a good idea to link to your best blog posts. Note that it’s not required that you have a blog.

At World of Matticus, our goal is to deliver great articles for World of Warcraft players of all types. Writing requires a lot of energy and time. Coming up with ideas takes time. Gathering the screenshots and preparing articles takes time. We want to provide readers with excellent stories and quality advice and that’s where we can use your help.

Can I be a blogger on World of Matticus?

Yes, absolutely! Although having blogging or writing experience is preferable, it is not required. Check out our guidelines:

  • Send us an e-mail (at the bottom) with a description of yourself, your character, your guild, and your interests,
  • If you have experience writing online, do include URLs and other examples in your e-mail (either a few paragraphs of something you’ve written although URLs are preferable),
  • Include your ideas and suggestions for topics and posts that you’re determined to explore and write about

Single guest posts are great although a long-term partnership is better. With that in mind, is extremely important for us that you are really interested in the material that you want to write about. You have to have the drive and the passion to write. Because if you don’t care, why would anyone else?

Article lengths don’t have to be long. The key here is that you want to share your knowledge and ideas. E.g. you want to discuss tips about your class, raid strategies or guild management techniques. Share your ideas, strategies and thoughts with other players.

Our topics

In the beginning, this blog catered towards Holy Priests. As time went on, it slowly included aspects for the raiding Holy Priest. Guild business and leadership was mixed into the blog. A Resto Druid was added. Then a Shaman. Now it includes material that Guild leaders would be interested in reading.

The majority of readers on World of Matticus are primarily healers, raiders, and bloggers. That’s a pretty wide sphere of influence, if I do say so myself. Keep the audience in mind when you’re writing a post. For example, most healers may not understand certain tanking concepts and you may wish to elaborate more on terms that you’ll be using.

Here’s a list of topics that we prefer:

  • Healing: Gear thoughts, boss techniques, improvements
  • Raiding: Specific strategies, discipline
  • Guild management: Loot systems, day-to-day affairs, policy

Our expectations

We can’t publish every guest article that comes our way. There is a level of quality that we like to maintain. On the other hand, there are a ton of players who want to share their knowledge and contribute.

What would we like from guest authors?

  • You like to share and present a showcase of players with similar trends (gallery) or
  • You have unique ideas and methods that you want to share (guides) or
  • You want to teach configuration and customization in a step-by-step process (tutorials)

Think you can fit in with the rest of the team? We’ll be interested. We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to work with you. We’ll definitely need you. The team would be absolutely thrilled to have you.

Still want to write?

Send us an e-mail. We’re always willing to meet people and try out new ideas. We’d love to have you on the team!


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Arsenal better for Fekir than Manchester City, says father

<a href=http://cityholidaybet.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Nabil Fekir would only benefit from joining Arsenal, not Manchester City, according to the player's father.

The 21-year-old has established himself in the Lyon first team this season, prompting comparisons with Lionel Messi from the Ligue 1 outfit's president.

Arsenal have subsequently been linked with Fekir, with the midfielder admitting he would welcome an offer, and his father says a move to the Emirates Stadium would be far more beneficial than City.

"Nabil would like to finish first or second and play Champions League football with Lyon," Mohamed Fekir told Le Parisien.

"If he leaves, it will be for Arsenal. It is the only club that can enable him to progress, with Arsene Wenger. He will not go to Manchester City to sit on the bench."


Low: I could manage a club again

<a href=http://cityholidaybet.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Germany coach Joachim Low has suggested he could return to coaching a club team in the near future.

The coach has been in charge of the national team since 2006, winning the World Cup in the summer after a third place finish in 2010 as well as guiding them to the Euro 2008 final and the semi finals of the same competition in 2012.

After the tournament in Brazil, the coach revealed that he plans to stay at the helm of Die Mannschaft until after Euro 2016, but he has hinted that he could move on and return to club football in the near future.

"I would rule nothing out just now," he told Kicker. "It's very conceivable of course that at some point I will coach a club team again. Why not?

"I've trained myself to think about my future only every two years. As a coach I know that there will be a decision after every tournament. In 2012, the mood was very different from 2010. It changes.

"But there is no curse of the title, as I sometimes read."


ing player, one of the best in the team overall."

Dortmund will stand by Klopp – Zorc

<a href=http://cityholidaybet.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Borussia Dortmund will stand by Jurgen Klopp during the second half of the Bundesliga season, according to sporting director Michael Zorc.

Dortmund suffered their 10th Bundesliga defeat of the season on Saturday as Klopp's men went down 2-1 at fellow strugglers Werder Bremen. 

And Zorc explained that he, Klopp and chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke had met following the reversal in Bremen and agreed they still had the right man for the job. 

"Hans-Joachim Watzke, Jurgen Klopp and myself sat together on Sunday and discussed and analysed our situation," he told Kicker.

"We are convinced that we will manage to get out of this current difficult situation together."


Patient Ben Davies Always Ready to Take Most of Spurs Chances
21-year-old Tottenham Hotspurs fullback Ben Davies is adamant to take most of his opportunities as he is playing second fiddle to counterpart Danny Rose at the White Hart Lane outfit.
“I can see this as a challenge and a step to overcome, or throw my toys out of the pram and sulk around the place,” said Davies, as quoted by reliable <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> indo11.com.
“But there's no point in doing any of that. I'm going to get my head down, work as hard as I can and the chances will come.”
"I just have to be patient and when they do come then take them like I know I can do."


Rossi dan Lorenzo Berebut Bonus dari Yamaha

<a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, dan Dani Pedrosa bakal berjuang keras meraih posisi terbaik pada balapan seri ke-17 musim ini. Ada fakta menarik tentang persaingan di kubu tim Movistar Yamaha. Ini bukan tentang gengsi semata, melainkan bonus yang akan diberikan tim Garpu Tala kepada Rossi dan Lorenzo.  

Rossi saat ini berada di posisi kedua dengan raihan 255 poin. Tapi juara dunia sembilan kali ini tak mau kecolongan pada balapan di Malaysia. Pasalnya Lorenzo terus menempel posisinya di peringkat ketiga dengan hanya terpaut delapan poin.

Artinya, Rossi lebih mewaspadai Lorenzo dan bukan Pedrosa. Meskipun joki Repsol Honda itu terpaut 25 poin dari The Doctor. Karena ini terkait bonus yang bakal diberikan pabrikan Jepang tentang prestasi pembalapnya di musim ini.

Rossi member jawaban ketika disinggung apakah masalah finansial (bonus) menjadi salah satu faktor mengapa Rossi begitu ngotot mengamankan posisi kedua di klasemen sementara MotoGP.

"Saya tidak tahu persis apakah ada perbedaan besar dalam bonus terkait masalah peringkat kedua atau ketiga di kejuaraan MotoGP. Jujur, saya tidak melihat kontrak ini sebelumnya. Saya pikir saya memiliki bonus yang layak jika mampu mengamankan juara (peringkat pertama). Tapi untuk peringkat kedua dan seterusnya saya belum mengetahui banyak," kata Rossi.


Rumor Moyes Gantikan Mazzarri di Inter

<a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Rumor mengenai pemecatan Walter Mazzarri dari kursi kepelatihan Inter Milan semakin kencang berhembus. Kabarnya, pihak Inter sudah menemukan sosok yang akan menggantikan mantan pelatih Napoli itu.

Sosok yang dipertimbangkan petinggi Inter adalah mantan pelatih Everton dan Manchester United David Moyes. Kabarnya, Inter sudah mulai menjalin komunikasi dengan Moyes.

CEO Inter saat ini Michael Bolingbroke adalah mantan petinggi United. Bolingbroke yang meninggalkan Old Trafford musim lalu disebut masih memiliki hubungan baik dengan Moyes. Sisi positif Moyes di mata petinggi Inter adalah kemampuannya menghadirkan stabilitas serta kejelian menilai bakat-bakat bagus.

Moyes dikabarkan sudah terlihat di kota Milan dalam beberapa hari terakhir. Kesempatan menangani Inter bisa jadi akan membuat Moyes tertarik. Moyes sendiri belakangan mengaku sudah tak sabar untuk segera kembali bekerja, meski masih menunggu tawaran yang tepat.

Situasi kepelatihan di Inter memang cukup rumit. Ada perbedaan pendapat besar di jajaran petinggi klub mengenai apakah Mazzarri layak dipertahankan. Kabarnya, Massimo Moratti memilih meninggalkan Inter beberapa hari lalu karena kecewa keinginannya memecat Mazzarri tak direstui klub.


Simundza lavished praise on Maribor effort at Schalke
Famous <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> indo11.com mentioned, Maribor coach Ante Simundza heaped praise on his side’s effort, feeling they could have won at Schalke on Tuesday, but he was still pleased with a point.
The coach said: "My first impression is that we could have taken more from this game, but we are very pleased with the point. The lads put in a very good performance and picking up a point is a very good result for us."
He added: "The equaliser was a present from Maribor to Schalke. Many things happen in football, but it is true that because of our mistake we conceded this goal."


Totti regrets not beating Man City
Famous <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> indo11.com mentioned, Roma captain Francesco Totti felt it were unlucky for Roma not to beat Manchester City as the veteran enjoyed a record-breaking UEFA Champions League night and that they should have had more.
The captain said: "Looking at the whole 90 minutes, we had the clearer opportunities and could've won. We went down straight away to a penalty and came back into it, which wasn't easy against one of the strongest teams in Europe.”
He added: "We proved what we are worth and what we can do in an arena like this. Our objective is to do our best, try to get through the group knowing it is not easy against sides like Bayern Munich and Manchester City, who are on our level if not better. Playing like this, we can get there."


Donis instructs his side to attack Ajax in the air
APOEL coach Giorgos Donis stressed his tactic to target Ajax's weakness in their 1-1 UEFA Champions League draw on Tuesday, feeling Ajax were susceptible to direct play and instructed his side to attack them in the air during the clash in Cyprus.
The coach said: "I was sure that it would surprise him [De Boer] that we were playing long balls at times. I saw the Ajax games against FC Salzburg [in the UEFA Europa League last season] who played with long balls and the first game they [Salzburg] won 3-0 and the second 3-1.”
He added: "Even though it is not our usual style, we wanted to use long balls against them." As pointed by  <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> indo11.com


Herve Poncharal Tak Berniat Bawa Crutchlow Pulang

<a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Cal Crutchlow telah memutuskan untuk tetap bertahan di Ducati musim 2015. Mantan bos Crutchlow di Yamaha Tech 3, Herve Poncharal sama sekali tidak memiliki niat untuk membawa pulang pembalap asal Inggris itu.
Crutchlow baru saja mengakhiri spekulasi masa depannya. Pembalap 28 tahun itu telah memutuskan mengambil pilihan untuk bertahan dengan Ducati di balapan MotoGP musim depan.
Sebelumnya, Crutchlow dikabarkan telah berbicara dengan Suzuki dan Honda. Kendati telah menjalani musim yang berat bersama Ducati, Crutchlow telah memutuskan untuk tetap menjadi rekan setim Andrea Dovizioso musim depan.
Praktis, keputusan Crutchlow untuk bertahan di Ducati sekaligus mengakhiri spekulasi mengenai kemungkinan reuni dengan Tech 3 di MotoGP 2015. Poncharal percaya merupakan sebuah kesalahan jika tim asal Prancis dan Crutchlow kembali bekerjasama.


Hodgson Sebut Inggris Akan Rindukan Gerrard

<a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Manajer Inggris, Roy Hodgson menyebut Inggris akan merindukan kehadiran sosok pemimpin seperti Steven Gerrard, usai sang kapten memutuskan untuk pensiun dari tim nasional.

Gerrard mengaku ia ingin fokus ke Liverpool, usai Inggris gagal lolos dari fase grup di Piala Dunia 2014, yang juga sekaligus jadi panggung Internasional terakhir sang skipper.

"Kami semua akan merindukan kualitas kepemimpinan yang ia miliki, seiring usaha kami untuk lolos ke turnamen berikutnya dengan pemain yang lebih muda," tutur Hodgson.

"Ia adalah kapten yang luar biasa dan menjadi panutan yang hebat untuk semua orang, yang beruntung sudah bisa terlibat dengan dirinya. Saya mengharap yang terbaik untuk dirinya di masa depan, meski saya tahu saya bisa terus mendapatkan dukungan darinya," pungkasnya.


Ribuan Atlet Akan Tampil di Youth Olympic Games
Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Indo11.com – Lebih dari 3.700 atlet dipastikan akan tampil di ajang Youth Olympic Games. Mereka ini datang dari 204 negara yang akan bersaing pada bulan depan di Nanjing.

Komite Organisasi Nanjing untuk Youth Olympic Games 2014 (NYOGOG), jumlah pasti atlet yang akan berlaga sebanyak  3.787. Mereka ini sudah memastikan tampil setelah mendaftarkan diri yang ditutup pada 18 Juli lalu.

Sementara itu, China selaku tuan rumah akan menurunkan 123 atlet di ajang olimpiade pemuda ini. Perhelatan itu sendiri akan digelar pada 16 - 28 Agustus mendatang.

Event di Nanjing ini adalah kali kedua digelar. Sebelumnya pada 2010 dilaksanakan di Singapura.


Maria Sharapova juara Prancis Open 2014

<b><a href="http://indo11.com/">Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Indo11.com melaporkan, Maria Sharapova tampil menjadi kampiun Prancis Terbuka 2014. Sharapova meraih gelar keduanya di Roland Garros usai menundukkan Simona Halep 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-4 lewat duel sengit di partai puncak.

Untuk Sharapova ini merupakan gelar Prancis Terbuka keduanya setelah sebelum ini meraihnya pada tahun 2012. Tahun lalu Sharapova juga berhasil sampai ke final meski saat itu harus mengakui keunggulan dari Serena Williams.


Franck Ribery Tidak Ikut Piala Dunia 2014

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari <b><a href="http://indo11.com/">Agen Bola</b></a> Indo11.com – Pil pahit harus ditelan oleh timnas Perancis jelang Piala Dunia 2014 resmi digelar setelah pemain andalan mereka, Franck Ribery dipastikan harus absen.

Sebelumnya Ribery masih dipercaya untuk bisa tampil diajang empat tahunan tersebut namun hal tersebut harus diurungkan lantaran punggawa Bayern Munchen tersebut dinyatakan belum fit.

Ribery sebelumnya harus digantikan saat timnas Perancis sukses meraih kemenangan atas Norwegia pada 27 Mei lalu, namun dirinya gagal ikut berpartisi bersama Les Blues menjalani laga ujicoba kontra Paraguay.

Bintang timnas Perancis tersebut bukan satu-satunya pemain bintang yang gagal berlaga diBrasil, setelah sebelumnya Ricardo Montolivo yang jug mengalami cedera dan baru-baru ini terdengar bahwa gelandang cepat timnas Jerman, Marco Reus dikabarkan juga mengalami cedera dilaga terakhir.


Falcao Tidak Ikut Piala Dunia 

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari <b><a href="http://indo11.com/">Agen Bola</b></a> Indo11.com – Radamel Falcao dipastikan akan tidak dapat tampil di Piala Dunia 2014 Brasil setelah namanya tidak dicantumkan oleh Jose Pekerman di 23 nama skuad yang akan dibawa ke Brasil.

Falcao telah absen dari sepakbola sejak Januari lalu karena cedera ligamen dan bintang AS Monaco itu gagal pulih tepat waktu untuk ikut terbang ke Brasil.

Pemain berusia 28 tahun ini telah membantu Kolombia lolos kualifikasi Piala Dunia dengan mencetak sembilan gol dalam 13 penampilannya.


Arturo Vidal Yakin Cili Bisa Lolos Fase Grup

<b><a href="http://indo11.com/">Agen Bola</b></a> terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Pemain timnas Cili, Arturo Vidal yakin negaranya mampu mengejutkan banyak pihak dalam turnamen Piala Dunia 2014 musim panas ini.

Meski mereka tergabung di grup bersama Spanyol dan Belanda, yang berstatus juara bertahan dan runner-up, Vidal yakin skuat asuhan Jorge Sampaoli akan berhasil menembus ke babak gugur.

"Saya pikir kami bisa menjadi kejutan di Piala Dunia," ujar Vidal, yang baru-baru ini telah pulih dari cedera lutut.

"Banyak orang yang tidak mengetahui tim berpikir kami akan tereliminasi pada babak grup. Bagaimanapun juga, saya percaya kami mampu menggapai hal luar biasa di Piala Dunia."


Benitez menilai Napoli bisa menang besar
Berita terbaru dan terkini <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Bola Soccer</a></b> dari <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> Indo11 - Napoli menciptakan banyak peluang saat menang 3-1 atas AC Milan. Rafael Benitez menilai timnya seharusnya bisa mencetak gol lebih banyak lagi.

<b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> Indo11 Terpercaya - Napoli meraih kemenangan 3-1 meski sempat tertinggal lebih dulu setelah Adel Taarabt mencetak gol di awal babak pertama. Tiga gol balasan Napoli dilesakkan oleh Gokhan Inler dan Gonzalo Higuain yang mencetak dua gol.

"Saya harus memuji para pemain, seperti melawan Roma dan sekarang Milan, mereka bermain dengan intensitas, kecepatan, dan kualitas. Jelas Gonzalo Higuain bisa membuat perbedaan, tapi rekan-rekan setimnya membantunya dan menciptakan banyak peluang malam ini. Kami bisa saja mencetak lebih banyak gol lagi," jelas Benitez.

Sumber  http://indo11.com