Configuring the Healing UI: What’s on Your Wishlist?

Configuring the Healing UI: What’s on Your Wishlist?

You can see elements of the default healing UI in place in a recent post. A number of you asked what the configuration window for it was like.

Don’t laugh.

Here it is.


Yeah, that’s it.

I should also add that it’s certainly possible to drag it the frames around. I can’t seem to find a way to lock it but maybe that’s a user error.

You’ll notice a c heck box that says Keep Groups Together.

Unchecked, it allows you to sort groups by role, group or name.

Now I don’t expect the default interface to outright replace addons like our beloved Vuhdo or Grid. But I do believe there are some aspects of it that could use additional improvement. It’s important to discern between must have and nice to have but can probably heal without it type changes.

  • I’ve already mentioned the need for clearer debuffs to appear on the frames
  • Resizeable bars would be excellent to have because not everyone plays on the same setup
  • Customizable energy bars. I don’t need to see rage, focus, or energy bars but I do need to see mana bars of other players (healers specifically)

What about you? What would you like to see added? What do you think is important to have on your healing UI? What can you get away without having?

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  1. My buffs on target, and depending on what I’m playing, it’s really nice to see my classes’ buffs on targets (i.e. all the earth shields, or all the beacons).

    Considering the initial raiding frames, they’ve come a long way, but you’d think such a desperately needed part of the UI would’ve hit the soundboards a bit earlier.

  2. I’m pretty sure they haven’t finished implementing it yet, much like the guild UI is still incomplete & buggy, too. (at least, I hope it’s not done!).

    • @lissanna: Oh you bet they’re not done yet. But while they’re in the middle of constructing it, it doesn’t hurt to add a features request, right? Like any good beta tester ^^.

  3. timers for hots, showing of temp buffs such as inspiration, pom tracker (i know in my dreams on that one), shield amount remaining would be the start of my list just because those are the things I cannot live w/o

  4. One thing I hope is that they can manage to keep the actual configuration panels both relatively simple and intuitive. Every time I get an update for VuhDo I end up having to tweak settings and I find its’ configuration panel quite difficult to navigate. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have a lot of options, but I want to be able to easily find things in the interface when it’s time to adjust my settings.

  5. HOT Trackers, HOT Trackers, HOT Trackers

    Highly configurable trackers to watch other people’s hots, shields, etc

  6. I’d love color specific debuffs so I know what spell to use but other than that, I just can’t stand having the party frames all up in the corner like that. I need to have them at the bottom on the left, with me at the bottom and everyone else growing up from there.

    I’d love to have a renew and power word shield tracker but I use the pom tracker for it now.

    Looks like they are making progress tho 🙂

  7. At a minimum, I’d like it if the UnitFrames were resizeable. Beyond that, a configuration option to specify which buffs and debuffs appear would also be very good.

  8. I say this knowing well aware that I’m in the minority:

    While I know that your previous post was raid frames instead of party frames, I really, really hope that the default party frames don’t look like that. (Yes, I’m aware that the current raid frames are kind of like that. They suck too.)

    I can deal with them not being movable in the default UI. I can deal with not showing other players’ HOTs. I can deal with not showing the player’s role. But the “solid blocks of color with smaller blocks for mana/focus/rage/RP/energy”? BAD. They don’t fit with the rest of the UI, because they’re not themed properly. Currently, they’re just another indication that you’re playing a game, and sadly, without the theming, you may as well be playing “World of MulticoloredBlockCraft”.

    I’d even settle for a drop-down that lets you choose between “Properly Themed” and “DUPLOs”. But the theming needs to be there, or I’ll be sorely disappointed.

  9. Madskeals says:

    I’d prefer the following: resizeable, HoT tracker, Shield tracker (not only for pw:s but for ss and es as well), definately needs to clarify debuffs from what it is currently in beta. Would like but probably won’t see: PoM tracker, Beacon tracker.

  10. The ability to enable mouseover targeting on the raid frames without having to replace every heal button with a mouseover macro.

    (i.e. hover mouse, press 1 = Lifebloom, or whatever, rather than having to click to target before pressing Lifebloom)

  11. Resizable things, colorizable things, and icons. Icons! Debuff icons, raid target icons, buffy icons (things like Beacon, Shields of all flavors, Hots, whatever it is). I think these things are necessary for the cooperation we’re supposed to want in Cataclysm. We can keep the vent clear for “incoming big heal on Jimmy”, but I’d also like to see that Jane doesn’t even need the heal because she’s got a bubble and two hots.

    Thank you for the write up and screenshots!

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