Collateral Damage Seeks Rogue: This Could Be You!

Well, I suppose it’s not likely to be you, is it, dear reader, because you’re probably a healer. However, my wonderful guild, Collateral Damage, is in a bit of a bind, and if you know of a kickass rogue who’s looking for a new guild home, please do me a favor and spread the word! I figured I would indulge in a shameless abuse of Matticus’s blog (mwa ha ha) to help my guild out of a bit of a sticky situation.

Collateral Damage has always been light on rogues. Up until now, we’ve had two, but our most consistent rogue has just left the server following his arena team to greener pastures. Vek’nilash is in battlegroup Bloodlust, and I can understand their need for a less competitive (or horde-dominated) PvP scene. However, our other rogue is also taking a little time off to rededicate himself to schoolwork, and that leaves us rogue-less. We’re scratching our heads as to how we’re going to do Illidari Council this week without a rogue to coordinate the interrupts on Lady Malande. It’s hard to lose one of our best players (we’ll miss you, Slice!) and it’s doubly hard when we were so under-represented in his class.

So, please read the following advertising blurb about CD and pass it along to any qualified rogues.

Collateral Damage [A-Veknilash] is a great place to raid. We are looking for a rogue to join our high-quality raiding corps. We have a solid group of longtime members, and we’ve recently killed Archimonde and Illidan, completing T6 content. Our players are friendly, helpful, and respectful, but we are committed to high-quality raiding. Before the expansion hits, we will be farming Illy and Archy as well as taking on the early bosses in Sunwell. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 PM CST-12:00 AM CST and Sunday 8:00 PM CST-12:00 CST. Check out our website and application template at

Our new rogue must be both experienced and geared (we prefer 2 pc+ T6). You must know your class well and play up to the potential of your gear. You must be able to listen and talk on vent. Extra credit for being able to communicate well and call out interrupt rotations. We require at least 2/3 attendance from initiates, though most of our successful recruits have attended 90% or more of raids. Make sure our raid times work for you before you apply!

We are also looking for a personality match for CD. Our raiders are respectful of others, and we have a crazy, silly sense of humor. Our raiders give and take constructive criticism, but we never antagonize individual players. Rather, we work together to be the best we can be at the hobby we all love–endgame raiding.

CD formed Jan 1 and was behind the progression curve for BC, but we have big plans for Wrath. We will be raiding 25-mans at the leading edge of content. We’re not trying for server firsts, because we’re committed to our sensible 3-day a week schedule. However, we plan to start at the beginning, make steady progress, and someday kill Arthas. Our officers have been actively making plans for Wrath, and our first Naxx 25 raid is already on the calendar.

CD uses Ep/Gp to distribute loot, and new raiders have chances at drops fairly quickly.

If you’re interested, contact me in-game (Sydera or Isidora on Vek’nilash) or on our guild website, I love to talk to potential recruits! If I’m not raiding at the moment, we’ll chat on vent and talk about whether CD is a good fit for you.

The good news is, dear readers, if you apply to Collateral Damage, you’ll get to deal with me, Sydera, your leafy recruiting officer extraordinaire. I promise I don’t bite–hard. You can drop me a line in the comments or use the comment form–I’ll pop on over to your server for a visit.

My name is Matticus and I approve this message.

5 thoughts on “Collateral Damage Seeks Rogue: This Could Be You!”

  1. Well, I’m not sure if I like the bleeding edge metaphor. That would be a little misleading, as we like to raid sensibly.

    I wonder if there’s a word for guilds that raid the upper tier of available content but don’t work for server firsts….hmm.

    I associate “bleeding edge” with world or server-first guilds.


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