Challenge Mode: Part 2 – Scholomance

Last night, we scored two hard mode kills back to back with Feng and Garajal. Once we got the mechanics down in place, it was easy and straight forward. Garajal had hard caps on both healing required and damage needed. We dropped down to four healers and managed to take out Garajal with under half a minute remaining on the enrage. Not a bad play. We’ll be gunning for Elegon and Blade Lord next.

Tonight’s challenge mode is Scholomance. I think this one will take a little long in “getting it” compared to Gate of the Setting Sun. This will be the first time I’ll be healing a challenge mode in some time since we agreed to try switching me over to healing instead of playing Shadow. Although nothing’s wrong with playing Shadow, our new composition will help us long term and help shave precious seconds off the timer as needed. Although for Lilian Voss, we’ll be running 4 DPS on it instead. The logic is if we can take down Lilian in the first phase, we avoid the entire second and third phase of that fight. I hope my Vampiric Embrace and other spells with Dark Binding will be enough to keep us alive long enough.

This is the first time I’ll be running Invisibility Potions. There’s this place called Fungal Rock down in Un’goro Crater that just has these sprouting all over like crazy. We’re expected to use those in order to bypass Professor Snape’s room (the one with all those yellow ads).

One of my guild mates mentioned an item called Restorative Amber. I’ll need to get myself some of this. I don’t think I’ll need it, but it’s nice to have it anyway just in case we’re off by a few seconds. The downside is that stuff is 10 gold each. I normally resort to Pearl Milk Tea to get my mana up but discovered quickly that it resulted in my awesome food buffs getting overwritten by Mastery. There’s an NPC at the shrines that sell something called Golden Carp Consomme and he helps in restoring mana without sacrificing the food buffs.

I’m excited though! Hope to add another gold!

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  1. Scholo’s a fun challenge mode. The group I run them with isn’t likely to pull gold on anything, but the two big spots to look for in there are Gandling(rise is a pain in the ass) and Jandice. Knowing how to find the right illusion quickly is key.

    • JThelen Oh definitely. We put some methodical learning shots on it tonight. I think we can score at least a silver. We just need to tighten it up on certain trash pulls. We were able to take down Lilian easiliy with 4 DPS and using potions/Heroism/Cooldowns when she hit 60% health. Now we just need to solve Gandling. I found out too late I was supposed to heal from up high in the rafters instead of on the stairs. Whoops.

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