Cataclysm has brought a countless amount of changes to the World of Warcraft, it has also brought a few to The World Of Matticus. Along with the redesign of the site, we are also adding some new contributors and a great new format to bring you more great info on Raiding, Guild Management, and of course Healing.


Starting this week we will be bringing you Matticast, The Official Companion Podcast of World of Matticus. Every week Brian will direct traffic as Matt, Kat, and Borsk discuss topics brought to us by both writers and readers of WoM. This will include a weekly discussion topic that will give readers of the site an opportunity to voice their opinions via e-mail, comments, and calls. We will also be pulling in comments from posts on the site, so this is a great way to participate in the discussion. Listeners will also have the ability to write in and have their questions and topics discussed on the show. Our hope is this will allow all readers of the site to customize their experience as well have an opportunity to participate.

New Team Members

Along with the addition of the podcast, we also welcome some new members to the WoM team. You will notice new faces contributing on both the podcast and the blog. This should greatly increase the amount of topics we are able to cover here on the site, as well as offer some fresh perspectives.


Borsked is the man behind, contributing his experience as a Resto Shaman, GM, and Raid Leader to both Matticast and the blog.


Kat is behind the curtain at Light and Leafy. She brings her extensive healing experience with all 4 healing classes to both the podcast and the blog.


Oestrus is one third of the blogging team at Divine Aegis and a former resto druid behind The Stories Of O. She will be bringing her expertise to the blog and you may even hear some of her on the Matticast as well.


The man who makes it all happen. Brian brings his extensive experience as both a podcast host and producer to keep this train on the rails. Having hosted the popular WoW Podcast Raid Warning and experience raiding and guild leading since Vanilla, Brian gets the enviable task of leading this band of misfits.

We are very excited to bring everyone on board, and are looking forward to bringing you more great content.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of positive ch…ch…changes. Good luck to your and your team moving forward Brian.

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