Cataclysm Contest on Epic Advice (and other things)

Hey guys, I’ve received a bunch of emails, DMs, and other such messages asking me about my thoughts regarding the whole Real ID forum change and stuff. I don’t agree with it and I don’t like it. I’m working on that post right now. I’m also trying not to rehash what Lodur said either.

How about some updates?

First, a quick note from our friends at Epic Advice. They’re holding a Cataclysm Question Contest. They want to score the world first when it comes to answering questions about the upcoming expansion. You can help them by getting in your curiosities and questions. Two ways to win: Be lucky and get randomly chosen (RNG style), or be ranked when it comes to answering questions or asking questions (own the question meters).

More details here.


All of my blogs are going to get some updated themeing done. No ETA on that. Theres a few annoying bugs with the theme that I don’t like (such as the menu disappearing way down when you load certain posts or pages). Sadly, I just don’t have as much time when it comes to updating No Stock UI anymore. It’s simply t he way it’s set up right now from a technical stand point. I figure if I can just modify and streamline the post updating process, it’ll be easier for me to do.

My silence

I have a problem. Sometimes, I reach a point where I think every possible topic has been explored in a given area. I’m sort of in hibernating mode. I’m not firing off as many posts as I used to and that’s largely due to the whole job thing which keeps me busy. I’m still here.

Magic tournament

M11 pre-release is this weekend. Please put on deoderant. Lots of it. Use the stick. There’s going to be hundreds of sweaty nerds packed in a potentially non-AC’d room. Also, WTB your Time Reversals.


7/12 hard modes on ICC 25, 11/12 hard modes on ICC 10. Need an adept mage. Like badly. You have no idea. Someone who has the ego to withstand our warlocks and bring them to their knees. That DPS meter needs to be blue at the top. Not pink or yellow. Blue.

Moto GP

Also, will be driving down to Red Bull US Grand Prix for Moto GP. California will be fun. I’ll probably die to the heat. It’s like 28° C here in Vancouver. I can barely tolerate it.

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