Bloodboil Down and Notes

Bloodboil Down and Notes


Bloodboil got taken down last night with relative ease on the second shot.


Staff of Immaculate Recovery – I passed the staff off to a different Priest. I only wish that he were able to play more often. But I’m sure the staff will drop again. When Archimonde dropped his, I got mine the week after we killed him again.

Shroud of Forgiveness – Nice cape for me.


  • 3 Holy Priests: One in each Bloodboil group spamming Rank 3 Prayer of Healing. At our level, it heals for about 1800 and the bloodboil damage is about 600+ /tick.
  • Inner Fire helps a lot.
  • Stack an extra healer in the 3rd bloodboil group as that group will have 2 seconds of bloodboil during the Fel Rage phase. This frees them up to help with the Fel Raged player.
  • Chain potting is a must.
  • 4 Paladins were healing the tanks.

Sunday’s going to be progression night. 6 hours of wiping on Reliquary of Souls. I’m going to see how we do and take some notes.

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