Blizzcon Panels of Interest

Less than 24 hours remain. Around this time tomorrow, I’ll be state side. I should feel excited and energized. Oddly enough, I’m more tense then anything. Triple checked everything. Whew!

So here’s the panel events below.

Where will I be?

Day 0 (Thursday) meetup at 7:30 PM

Day 1

  • World of Warcraft UI
  • World of Warcraft Class Panel
  • Starcraft II Gameplay
  • Diablo III Gameplay
  • TNB Meetup at 9 PM

Day 2

  • World of Warcraft PvP
  • Raids and Dungeons (Starcraft 2 Lore is oh so tempting however. If it weren’t raids and dungeons, I’d hit up the lore)
  • World of Warcraft Q & A
  • Possibly Diablo 3 Lore and Art. I suspect the WoW classes one is the same as the day before

Wonder what Priest questions or healing questions I should ask at the Q&A that hasn’t already been answered in the Q & A from the blues.



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