Blizzcon Day 1 (Mid day reactions)

So turns out most of the “rumors” from the various “sources” turned out to be true after all.

Managed to sneak in and try out the Cataclysm demo with the first wave. Credit Wyn for that one. She realized there was a section with turned off machines and a drape over a large sign. She had a hunch and yelled at me to get over there. Turns out the Cataclysm demos were up. We drew straws. She won and picked Worgen while I snapped up Goblins.

Lucky girl won a poster too.

Goblin racials are cool. There’s one where they get all faction discounts for pricing and such. Theres another one where they can shoot rockets or rocket jump (about twice the range of death grip).

Sorry, no live blogging here guys. I’ll mostly be in and out throughout the day and evening. Technical difficulties completely own me. I wish I could get a press pass. But I guess the blog isn’t quite large enough yet to attract such prestige :(.

Met up with the guys last night. Will be at the TNB meet up later tonight. Will drag Lodur and Wyn with me.

Not much in terms of panels for day 1 I’m interested in. Will go back to the class panel discussion however.

By the way, Uldum is pronounced “Ol-Doom”.

Guild achievements. Guilds can level up to 1-20 based on quests, raid bosses downed, etc. Mass ressurrection. One guy can resurrect the entire guild after a wipe. Think about a guild talent tree. Joe has a feeling that the implementation of a guild leveling system is going to lead to guild housing. Its been denied for such a long time. But its been seen in other games (the progression of guild… stuff). It appears to be the next logical step.

Archaeology’s a new profession. Opens up different Path of the Titans.

Heroic Deadmines and Heroic Shadowfang Keep too. So overwhelming inside there.

More to come later tonight…

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  1. Very excited about Cataclysm and very surprised that the leak was accurate. I think an original content revamp is an excellent move by Blizzard and wish other older MMOs would follow suit.

    Now if only they’d update the character models…
    .-= We Fly Spitfires – MMORPG Blog´s last blog ..World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Is Official =-.

  2. I had a friend giving me live updates throughout the day. Seems like the xpac changes might be very fun!
    .-= Napaeae´s last blog ..How Guild Recruiting Helped My Career =-.

  3. Hey new twitter follower person! This is the first I’ve seen about what the guild leveling actually does.

    Is it strange that I might be more excited about heroic deadmines than anything else?
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Friday Linkday: August 21, 2009 =-.

  4. Check back tomorrow for more. Matt and I have a ton of notes and our own analysis pending. I’ll be updated twitter voice casts immediately after pannels, follow at if you want to.

    (and yes I still maintain that guild housing is coming, even through the denials we’ve heard!)

  5. 4000 subscribers, one of the absolutely leading bloggers in the WoW blogosphere and you can’t get a press pass?
    -50dkp for the PR staff at Blizzard.
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..Tickled Pink: Onyxia Revisited =-.

  6. That’s what I’m talking about, Larísa….

  7. Dannamoth says:

    aww matt, you didn’t mention the amazing attention your guildies gave you.

  8. @Larisa @Psynister

    Yeah, I hear ya. I suppose I just need more incentive to get better.


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