BETA: Instance Discipline Talents: Did Matt Choose Right?

BETA: Instance Discipline Talents: Did Matt Choose Right?


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Click the picture on the left to navigate to the Wrath WoW Head Priest talent page with my choices on it

You might be thinking to yourself upon closer inspection that this isn’t a leveling spec.

You’re right! It’s not!

My colleagues at WoW Insider asked me if I wanted to help them heal a run tonight in Utgarde Keep and I responded with an immediate yes!

As a result, I’ve picked my talents out as best I could with a strong emphasis towards the Discipline tree to find out how it plays. I’m contemplating liveblogging the run later on tonight when I go in there (it’ll be around 10 PM PST).

The Group

Cat Druid

Notice that I intentionally skimped out on Power Infusion because out of the 5 classes, I’m the only caster that would be able to utilize it. I don’t think I’ll really need it at all and none of the other players will use it anyway.

Remember, this is not a leveling build. I just picked this set of talents out to try out Disc healing out of the box as a 70.


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  1. Interesting spec. While I myself am not terribly impressed with Discipline after seeing some math and such over at EJ, I’m still very curious as to how it pans out, especially with Divine Aegis and aggro.

    The only thing that I can spot is that the lack of full talents seems to make going healing Disc at low levels not a good idea. With how much you’ll be spamming GHeal, full Divine Fury seems necessary (admittedly .1 second isn’t a big deal, but everything adds up) and no Inspiration will make your very tank-healing-centered spec feel like it’s missing something. Not to mention the lack of Healing Focus and Imp Healing….

    But like I said, that’s just because you’re still 70. At 77+ the spec would probably be more ideal. For lower-level dungeons though, I would see heavier-holy being better, personally. But like I said, I can’t wait to hear your evaluation of it!

  2. Tulani: Man oh man, you have no idea how handcuffed I felt. Thank god respecs are only 1 copper. I must’ve redone the entire thing 30 times today. And you’re right, I want to try deep disc first at 70 and see how it goes.

    Would I do it if were live? Nah, probably not. I’d switch to a standard deep holy build of some sort.

  3. Matt is never right, end of post!

    megans last blog post..Better, Faster, Holier

  4. Not true. Matt is right sometimes.

    (Example: He decided to let me write for him!)

  5. you maxed the shield talents, and got the 51 pointer, and that is important. This is a beta test, right? what better to do than test out all the neat new shielding talents.

    i think it was probably wise leaving off power infusion, too. not really all that needed in this case, as you point out.

    you’d probably want to pick up inspiration, though, if you are going for the disc GH crit build, but this is still just 70.


    so now you have to tell us: how cool are the pumped up PW:shields?

  6. Shyraia - Icecrown says:

    Utgarde…hmmm not an enormous amount of interupts. Otherwise if you would go into Azjol-Nerub I would suggest sticking 2 points in healing focus.


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