Behind the Scenes Upgrades and 10 Post Ideas

State of the Blog

Over the past week, I’m sure many of you have noticed the instability, not just on World of Matticus, but on Plus Heal and No Stock UI as well. I’m happy to say that steps have been taken to alleviate this. All sites are now hosted on a private server.

It’s going to hit the wallet hard but it’ll be manageable (I hope). More importantly, I should be able to withstand links from WoW Insider on patch a day without being perma-stunned for the day.

Day 11 – 10 Post Ideas

The past week blew by like Rogue with Rocket Boots carrying the flag in WSG. Between a new patch and exams, I barely kept up with the 31 DBBB challenge. Today’s is coming up with 10 post ideas.

Here’s mine:

Tier 8 Set Bonuses Analyzed

Ulduar is Two Zones in One

Why Top Guilds are Top Guilds

Handling Incoming AoE as Discipline

4 Boss Factors that Will Make or Break Heroism (or Bloodlust)

New Healing Trinkets: Which Healers Benefit?

Paladins Being Shut Out? – Inspired by this post

13 Important Checks Before Starting Your Guild

Pacta Sunt Servanda: Treaties (and Loot Rules) must be Kept – Inspired by this thread.

Recognizing When to Change Healers on the Fly

Other notes

Canucks are up 2 games over the Blues.

LF Paladin blogger to join the World of Matticus team.

Conquest is LF Warlock and an Enhancement Shaman for raiding.

Expanded the Instance Discussions on Plus Heal. Each raid instance has its own forum.

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  1. Louisvuitton says:

    I definitely vote for the Handling Incoming AOE for Disc. Priests because that is my current healing spec. I know that some people regard Discipline as mainly single target healing, but I like the challenge (and benefits) of group/raid healing and damage mitigation. I’ve been in this current spec for a couple of months, and I can’t see myself going to either Holy spec (no offense) or back to your dime a dozen Shadow DPS spec (except for doing dailies). I would love to hear what your insights are for Discipline Priests so that I can continue to progress as a Disc healer.

  2. What a cruel teaser! If only time were unlimited. We could see all these ideas become insightful fleshed-out posts.

    The “Personal Musings” aspect of your posts are what keep me coming back. They spark thoughtful consideration and encourage people to reach their own conclusions.

    Keep up the good work. I am hoping to see the heroism “break” and paladin lockout posts the most.

  3. An important update to this post is that the Canucks are now up 3 games, although I’m pretty sure if you’re the type of person that puts that on a WoW blog that you’re also the type of person that already knows that. Apparently, this comment was just to say hi 🙂

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  4. The trinkets post sounds great. Trinkets drive me mad. The rest of the gear I can tell just by looking at it most of the time but with trinkets you never know.

    My post to do list is set up by just creating the posts so I can make notes whenever I come up with them and keeping them all as drafts. I’ve only just started my blog though so I imagine it gets harder after writing one for a long time. Do you keep a list somewhere of all the posts you have done so you don’t end up writing the same thing again?

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