Bear-ly Making It: Mythic Ursoc and Legion Time Management

I sat out on our first night of attempts two weeks ago. We had a Discipline Priest, Holy Priest (me), Monk, Paladin, and a Shaman available in the lineup. But we deduced that five healers would be too much and we didn’t think we had the DPS or throughput to try with three healers. I was the odd man out and decided to take a seat. It proved fruitful as the team was able to push Ursoc down repeatedly to enrage and just beyond but couldn’t muster the damage to close him out. Sadly, that night ended but we knew we were close. Another weekend of Mythics dungeons and another night of Emerald Nightmare Heroic clears should’ve made up the difference.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and we had the same issue occur again with five healers available. However, we were stretched thin as many of our starters were away (as many as seven). This time, I brought up that my Ret Paladin was available at a serviceable 864 item level with that delicious Holy Power generating ring! Some opening pulls were conducted and to my delight, the Paladin was competitive and keeping up with everyone else. Now we were getting closer. Ursoc’s health was reaching the single digit percentages.

Sure enough, we bagged ourselves a giant bear (who’d make a great rug for the class hall, by the way, though I imagine you Druids would frown greatly at that). While I was sad I wasn’t able to get that accomplishment on my Priest, I’m happy that I was able to get in on it with my Paladin.

Legion’s Time Management Problem

All of this was partially possible because I managed to invest just the right amount of time in developing my Paladin. Think about all the activities in the game right now which can both contribute to artifact power and a legendary drop chance:

  • Heroic dungeon daily (especially as a healer with the bonus)
  • Mythic dungeons (and keystones)
  • World quests
  • Raid finder
  • Normal raid
  • Heroic raid
  • Mythic raid
  • PvP

My guild has rotated normal raids out of the rotation so now I have to look for those outside our schedule (though I admit, as a healer, it’s quick to find groups for that). I don’t PvP so that’s out of the question. My Priest will knock out as many artifact power quests as possible regardless of which faction emissary is active. I can queue into raid finder whenever. Thankfully, Heroic and Mythic raids are still in the schedule but with the impending release of Trials of Valor, I don’t know how long that will last.

On the other hand, the Paladin is a little harder to upkeep and maintain. On average, it takes me around 8 attempts before I find any Mythic dungeon group that will take her. World quests are reduced to just faction emissaries. Raid finder is on the list for easy Artifact power accumulation. Heroic and Normal raids are a little tougher to break into.

By then, my entire weekend is gone.

Granted, just about all of the activities up there are optional. But if you want your character to remain relevant and competitive, you have to be able to keep up. This is doubly true if you’re attempting to maintain a second character.

I should hope that no one is complaining of boredom and a lack of things to do this expansion. I’ve seen some community feedback on the desire for more single player stuff because of the refusal to do dungeons, raids, group quests, and other content.

“I’m bored because I don’t want to do any of these activities in the game.”

I mean, I guess that’s fair but on the other hand, it is a multiplayer game. A Star Wars: the Old Republic form of quests in the World of Warcraft? We did get a step in that direction with the class halls and the Suramar questline has been expanded. Doesn’t appear to be enough though. Maybe a break from WoW is needed or something because it doesn’t seem to be hitting the spot anymore? Anyway, more on this later.

BlizzCon in just a few short days. Man, this year blew by. I can’t seem to find the awesome Panda badge Cadistra made for me last year. Where did it go?!

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  1. stormraven says:

    OMG I don’t understand how people manage to do everything on 3-4+ alts. How do they find the time for everything… just how? I keep telling myself I should level an alt to 110, but besides still feeling burnt out from the day one rush (constantly going back to each zone for WQs isn’t helping) I feel apathetic at best about my potential class options. A DPS capable of bursting without ramp up would be nice but I don’t have the time to wait through longer queues and getting declined from pugs. Also picking hunter (my previous main in WoD) would be shooting myself in the foot with how bad of a community reputation the class has right now.

  2. stormraven Yup, I hear you on that one. Two characters is the most I can maintain. I tried working on my Mage a little, but I can’t. Likewise with my Shaman :(. I still have two Legion boosts I haven’t used yet.

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