Bank of Matticus Goes Public


Due to requests from certain Hunter bloggers, the Bank of Matticus Financial Group has decided to go public. As part of the public disclosure process, CEO Matticus Moneycus has decided to reveal various assets that the public needs to know if they wish to invest in this banking powerhouse. Matticus leads a syndicate of prominent WoW Investors who have entrusted him with their finances and assets.



This is but a fraction of the hydroponics sector of the Bank of Matticus. Herb specialists continue to acquire species of plants around the clock to invest in Inscription the moment it becomes available.



In a bid to stream line workers, over 1000 Gnomes were released with severance pay with the option to rehire within the next year. Simply put, there is too much supply of consumables and not enough demand for them.



Efforts to equip the soon-to-arrive Death Knights are well under way. They’ve agreed to become Smithies in order to augment themselves. Here is a fraction of some of the Ore and Stone that’s been gradually accumulated.



The supplementary portion of the bank has largely been liquidated or is still in the process of being liquidated. Epic gems have largely been sold as well as a significant number of normal gems. Food consumables still remain as do other high performance consumables.

You’ll notice the gold count looks unimpressive. There’s a good reason for that. Bank of Matticus finances are spread out through a network of Dwarven and Goblin banks. In the event of a security breach, it will not result in the complete loss and destruction of BMF. Rest assured, hard currency sits at the 5 digit level. But that information cannot be disclosed here for the time being. It’s a result of Enchanting mats and numerous amounts of cloth being liquidated. The fifth bank tab has been hidden as it contains sensitive items and materials. Negotiations are currently underway Ironforge International Bank of Commerce for rights and access to a 6th tab. This is expected to happen within a year as assets continue to accumulate.

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  1. This is the dorkiest post ever! I LOVE it!

    I only wish my banker could be so organized. Since my banker is me I only have myself to blame. Do you have any tips for the banking impared??


  2. @Sephrenia: To do so would undermine the relationship, safety, AND security of BMF Corp! But I can confirm that the value is…

    *wait for it*


  3. @Apoptygmaa: Obviously BMF Corp needs to maintain levels of secrecy and diversionary tactics. Those labels are just that: labels. Again, you are viewing but a fraction of the overall stores that BMF carries. A shrewd businessman does not keep all his eggs in one basket. He spreads them around in various bank accounts and off shore locations.

    But alas, for every one non-investor, there are three potential business partners willing to step up =).

  4. What kind of return can I expect if I invest 20 silver? Do I earn a higher rate if I up that to 30? I assume past performance is an absolute guarantee of future results.

  5. I for one am not convinced. The astute investor will notice the sloppy, haphazard way in which the Bank of Matticus maintains its inventory. A tab called ‘cloth herbs’ without so much as a single piece of linen reflects either wishful thinking or insufficient portfolio diversification, and in matters of finance I’m not sure which one’s the worse.

    The conscientious investor will also take note of the inventory levels of the tab. While the BoM claims to be diligently saving for the advent of Inscription, it doesn’t take the inside skinny from the Steamwheedle Cartel to tell you that Milling herbs requires a stack of 5 *identical* herbs. Now for high-end herbs we accumulate inventory as it becomes available, but six Peacebloom? Nine Silverleaf? Nine Earthroot? These common-traded commodities are obtained with scant difficulty from even a lowly Herbalist who hasn’t made his way past Brill yet, but the Bank of Matticus is showing a glaring deficiency in their necessary procurement levels.

    Let’s move to the precious metals & stones tab… or, as the detail-oriented Bank of Matticus labels it, “POTS POTS POTS.” Or perhaps note that the BoM’s ‘safe deposit boxes’ (all one of them) are tucked away in the ‘Consumables’ area…

    No, despite its facade of wealth and ‘hinted-at’ sources of capital and liquidity, a smart investor learns to look past this at a company’s business fundamentals, and I’m afraid the Bank of Matticus- while showing potential- has some way to go before they are a sound investment opportunity.

    Apoptygmaas last blog post..Unrelenting Assault Tests Soldiers’ Resolve

  6. IRONFORGE, KHAZ MODAN- The Alliance financial sector was rocked by allegations that surfaced today about the Bank of Matticus (BOMA) which had only hours earlier announced a public investment scheme.

    According to Inspector Grovi Magowan of the Royal Ironforge Constabulary (RIC), an anonymous tip-off had led to the uncovering of a massive illicit narcotics distribution network reaching all the way to Silvermoon City.

    “The bank’s chairman was quite proud of the so-called ‘hydroponics sector’ of the Bank’s holdings,” announced Magowan in a tightly-scripted press conference, “but what he wasn’t revealing was a massive investment in the Bloodthistle trade.”

    According to details releaced by the RIC, the Bank of Matticus was smuggling Bloodthistle across faction lines using Shredders belonging to the Venture Company (VEN) as intermediaries. Bloodthistle’s narcotic properties for the Blood Elves is well-established, but less known are the unsavoury withdrawals users develop once the effect off the herb wears off, as well as the craving for more.

    One Bank of Matticus ‘associate’ who gave his name as Angus MacSheighdeigh alleged that “[Bank of Matticus President] Matticus always told us, when we were moving his merchandise all over Azeroth, that for every one non-consumer amongst the Belves, there would always be three more willing to step up.”

    Reaction to the scandal was immediate, and sent shares of BOMA plummeting on the Steamwheedle Mercantile Exchange.

    “Ach, a dwarf he may be, but he’ll not be settin’ one wee foot in Ironforge until this matter is settled and justice is done,” thundered King Magni Bronzebeard. “We may not be friends with the Blood Elves, but this is dirty business and most unbecoming a dwarf.”

    Others, however, were not so sure.

    “A splendid and daring bit of trade,” remarked Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, “Matticus would be a good fit in the commercial sector here in Blackrock, and we’d welcome him anytime.”

    Apoptygmaas last blog post..Unrelenting Assault Tests Soldiers’ Resolve

  7. Amazing organization *_*.
    All my chars banks are like:

    [Herb][Ore][Level 5 Fish][Some good quest item][Another Herb][Some crappy stuff I dont know I saved][Potion][etc..]

    At least when I want something I can search with Bagnon, otherwise would be impossible to find the desired stuff within some hours.

    Too bad the crisis is on, otherwise Bank of Matticus Financial Group options would be a good investment.

  8. The International Investment conglomerate Bank of Galo would like to take a major financial stake in BoM asset holdings. We expect a weekly return of at least 40% of our major investment. Our assets are backed by strong liquidity, large currency and capital reserves in Silvermoon with assets over 5 figures strong. Our CEO is a ruthless Tank that likes to go on random shelling missions removing all traces of the enemy.

    We would like BoM to consider our offer as a investment partner. Denial of partnership could result in hostile acquisition of all of BoM capital assets 🙂

    Galohearts last blog post..Guild Crap!

  9. The conscientious investor will also take note of the inventory levels of the tab. While the BoM claims to be diligently saving for the advent of Inscription, it doesn’t take the inside skinny from the Steamwheedle Cartel to tell you that Milling herbs requires a stack of 5 *identical* herbs.


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