Assigning Healing Strategy – Part 3: The Pivot Healer

Welcome to the third in a 5 part series here on World of Matticus. For the next several weeks, I’ll be covering the rare topic of assigning raid heals. No one really wants to do it but it’s the most important job in the raid and I’ll provide a basic overview of the process and some advanced tips!

In case you missed it:

  1. Week 1: Recognizing Class Strengths
  2. Week 2: Double Shifting Your Healers

Last week, I discussed the concept of double shifting your healers. I instructed that it is possible to assign one person to look after more than 2 people simultaneously. This week, I’m going to discuss the pivot healer.

What is the pivot healer?

Simply put, pivot healers are single target healers that switch between two or more assignments. It’s a technique to make life a little easier for your healing lead. It’s a way to minimize idle healers and recycle them.

A case study

Still unsure of what I’m referring to? Let me give you an example.

The first dual phase fight that comes to my mind is that of Leotheras. There are two main tanks required for the encounter and they alternate themselves depending on what phase Leo is. If Leo is a demon, the Warlock tanks him. If Leo is in his Elf form, he get’s controlled by a standard tank.

In true Matticus-like fashion, I’ll park 2 Paladins and a Priest on the main tank during Elf mode. Once phase 2 hits and Leo turns super saiyan, the same 2 Paladins and Priest immediately pivot over to the Warlock tank. At this point in time, the main tank is no longer taking the brunt of the damage so the healers that were on them can be rotated off of them.


And that’s today’s lecture! Hopefully the really cheesy graphic above can help illustrate what I’m trying to say. Remember they switch targets after a phase is over and look after whoever is holding the attention of the boss!

3 thoughts on “Assigning Healing Strategy – Part 3: The Pivot Healer”

  1. It helps to have one of your pivot healers designated as a ‘laggard’ to clean up any dot damage or to heal the first tank through a slow transition to tank 2.

    I’ve wiped to pivot healers moving TOO fast too many times on fights like Bloodboil, Leotheras, or A’lar

  2. Another Pivot fight worth mentioning is Brut, where healers really DO immediately have to switch to the other tanks.

    I kind of abuse “Pivot healers” when I’m assigning. I have them in every fight I can, because healers switching targets strategically = don’t need as many healers!


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