We Have Arrived at the Wall: 3/10 Mythic

65+ attempts later, we neutralized the Anomaly. After that, we engaged and Trilliax for a few attempts. Just as we were preparing to buckle down for a long night of pulls, he… uh, fell over. He went down after 6 attempts.

The difficulty discrepancy between the second and third bosses is (to quote Khadgar in Hearthstone) astonishing!

Next question now is do we pursue Krosus or focus on Spellblade. We did try a few pulls on Krosus and managed to get him down to an average of 60-70% on our better attempts. This one might end up being a defensive cooldown race and I’m not sure if we have enough just yet. I was trying to map out all the slams. So far, the one that hurts the most is the fifth Slam which happens to coincide with an Orb (and fire elementals, I think).

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  1. If your raid is mechanically inclined (sounds like it from Trilliax, grats!) Aluriel might be quicker to progress on and maybe some of your dps will get the sweet elemental foci trinket to help with the dps check on Krosus. For my guild Aluriel had a pretty linear learning curve as we progressed through the phases, whereas Krosus felt like regression at times if people died to laser (lol), or failed to soak enough pitch/got gibbed by elementals.


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