Ardent Defender Overrides Guardian Spirit

I want a Paladin tank. One of my tanks will be retiring from the game soonly and I’m hoping to start shopping around. So if there’s any free agent Alliance Prot Paladins looking for a raiding guild, get in touch with me.

Some intriguing information coming out of Honor’s Code lately.

The Hammer has reported (via Modus) that the Paladin’s tank saving ability, Argent Defender, activates first over Guardian Spirit. Ardent Defender has priority. Raid leaders then are going to have to reconsider and re-order which save to activate if they’re working on progression bosses. Paladin saves will need to be factored in first.

It’s a great read for all healers as we gain a sneak peek into the future. Our play is tied directly to our tanks so its good to keep up with that stuff.

Again, free agent Protection/Holy (dual off spec) Paladins looking for a raiding guild are players I’d love to speak to. Check out the Conquest guild site. We’re presently raiding 9 hours a week, but I will be adding an extra day just after the Independence Day weekend.

Any free agent Balance (DPS) Druids are also encouraged to apply.

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  1. Hey Matt, hit me up next time you see me on, I may have a Pally Tank for ya…if you still need one…

  2. This means that when there is a pally main tanking, a holy priest is definitely going to want to have Glyph of Guardian Spirit. It is already a nice glyph but at least that way if/when Argent Defender overrides Guardian Spirit the priest will have it again quickly. It figures it overrides it though.

  3. Hey Matt, Ardent != Argent

  4. Psst, Matt. You fixed it in the post title but not in the body. Argent still != Ardent.
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Stick A Fork In Me =-.

  5. @Josh – dammit baelor! Wtb E4AE posts, retirement is for losers!


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