And You Thought Your Guild Had Drama

There’s generally two kinds of drama that Guilds go through. There’s loot related drama (oh my god, I really wanted this item but she got it *cry*) and then there’s personal drama (oh my god, why doesn’t she talk to me anymore after I farmed her my epic mount *wrists*).

Death and Taxes, one of the top US Guilds in the world, shared their latest drama story and it’s a doozy (I certainly think so!). Note that the front page itself is safe for work but clicking on the post link itself on top is NSFW. Here’s a brief excerpt.

Time went on-about a year-and all of the sudden "Chobo" and Miyavi started having some relationship troubles. Miyavi decided it was time to sleep around some, in California, with one of the gentlemen she is friends with, and "Chobo" decided on Feb. 14th, 2008 that it would be time to end things. So, Miyavi was distraught…  …She decided, after some internal reflection, that the only viable thing to do was to find someone vulnerable in "Chobo’s" guild and to use them to get back at him.

Enter Korrupted, a guild member from DnT. He was having some shit at home in Arizona and decided that his about year+ of hitting on Miyavi would finally pay off. He started laying it on thick, and Miyavi saw an opportunity. She decided to fly Korrupted out and let him live with her. Around the beginning of March Korrupted arrives and promptly sleeps with Miyavi–less than a month after she cheated and then got dumped by her boyfriend.

Wa Wa Wee Wa! First class epic drama right there! I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never really been a part of any serious drama issues in any of my Guilds. They’ve either occurred before or after I’m in the guild.

EDIT: Looks like the story got taken down from the front page. I believe it’s still somewhere in their forums, however.

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  1. I honestly don’t know how to respond to this drama, but i’m likely going to spend the rest of my spring break on that thread.

    Thumbs up to her for a clean-shaven vag though.

    ps: I’d hit it.

  2. i mean. i wouldnt not but it wasnt that great lookin of a vag.

  3. and i never got to see the videos : /

  4. Wow, now thats drama! Had to email myself the link though I’ll check it out once I get home from work. Thanks for the NSFW warning.

  5. Good @ WoW =/= mature enough for RL.
    GG DnT, /gkick them all before the festering drama plague eats your guild.

  6. @Doug

    Death and Taxes: “We Know Drama”

    They thrive on this shit, and you know it’s fucking hilarious. I’d keep these people in guild just to have something to keep me entertained.

  7. @Doug

    Death and Taxes: “We Know Drama”

    They thrive on this stuff, and you know it’s hilarious. I’d keep these people in guild just to have something to keep me entertained.

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