Addons and Interfaces

Customizing your UI in WoW is a challenge in itself. There’s virtually thousands of addons you can use with a variety of different purposes from combat, to analysis, to economics, or general silliness!


General Addons

  • RSA: Announces in chat when abilities are used and when they fade. Perfect for chaining cooldowns.
  • Decursive: Helps you become efficient with your dispels.
  • Vuhdo: Raid frames. Used these during Wrath and Cataclysm.
  • Ovale Spell Priority: I use this on my DPS alts as training wheels to learn when certain spells or abilities should be used.
  • oRA3: Must-have for raid leaders. Lets you mass-invite, auto-promote, and auto-invite players (via keyword). There’s way more stuff, but that’s what I mainly use it for.
  • GTFO: Increases your own survivability by making noises when you’re standing in bad.

Class specific addons


  • HaloPro: Used to show optimum range for Halo and Cascade.
  • PoM Tracker: See who your Prayer of Mending spell landed on.
  • Ingela’s Rapture: Tracks the internal cooldown of Rapture.

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