Started in the summer of 2007, World of Matticus aims to deliver useful advice and tips for aspiring healers and leaders in the game World of Warcraft. We try to help readers solve problems and offer useful information to navigate through the challenges of the game from our own individual perspectives.


Meet the team:

Matt “Matticus” L.

Chef Wordsmith
(Always cooking something up)

I’m the founder of World of Matticus. I’m a mid 20’s IT professional and freelance gaming journalist based out of Vancouver, BC. I started blogging because there weren’t that many blogs or resources for priests at the time. Most of the blogs in that era was centered around day to day activities but it was hard to find something with genuinely useful or actionable advice and I decided to start one of my own. My lifelong goal is to eventually be a passionate Community Manager in a game that I love.

In World of Warcraft, I play a Pandaren healing Priest. I’m the GM and founder of <Conquest>. My first MMO was Ultima Online but didn’t play it for long. It wasn’t until Guild Wars that I started taking MMORPGs more seriously (and after taking the Hall of Heroes).

Twitter: @matticus
Website you visit the most: Reddit
Favourite expression: *lets out a large sigh*
Likes his coffee: Straight black
Favourite WoW boss fight: Kil’Jaeden
Can’t raid without: A full stomach
Addicted to: Twitter
Place to visit the most: Hawaii
Biggest pet peeve: People who don’t communicate with me and assume I know everything

Rebecca “Mimetir” J.

Leading SuperCow
(Occasionally outspoken leader with many bovine characters)

Rebecca is the first and only DPS blogger on World of Matticus, though she mostly writes pieces on healing, leadership and opinion. She welcomes debate and is aware that her stoutly-held opinions about social values coming before player skill might earn her the title “carebear”.

Over the past 6 months Rebecca’s healers have gravitated towards being her primary classes in World of Warcraft, with her main now a healing Shaman called Apeorsa. Rebecca is a raid leader of her raiding guild and guild master of her social guild, each on seperate servers. She waited for years to play Lord of the Rings Online but suddenly caved in and bought for World of Warcraft instead.

Website you visit the most: Twitter
Favourite expression: Why is the rum gone?
Likes her coffee: Black. Or with Cream. Or Milk. … Depends on the bean. Yep, she’s complicated
Favourite WoW boss fight: Yogg Saron
Can’t raid without: alt-tabbing out at inopportune moments.
Addicted to: Spotify
Place to visit the most: Japan
Biggest pet peeve: Lack of perspective, particularly about fun things

Joseph “Lodur” P.

Senior Blogologist

Joe is the right-hand-shaman to Matt on World of Matticus. He assists Matt with the daily operations of the blog which includes helping with the planning of upgrades and public relations. He also operates as a contributing writer to the site.

In World of Warcraft, Joe plays a Dwarf-in-Draenei’s clothing healing Shaman. He is currently the Raid Officer and Healing Lead for the guild Unpossible. Out of game Joe is an avid gamer and an amateur game designer studying to be a writer in the video game industry. He hopes to someday contribute to a game that has a following and impact much like World of Warcraft.

Favorite Hair Style: Faux Hawk
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Expression: A Procrastinator’s work is never done!
Favorite WoW moment: Killing Princess HuHuRan after just moving into new apartment while still having zero furniture
Raiding Ritual: A shot and a beer before first pull
Person Living or Dead would most Like to meet: Johnny Cash
Celebrity most compared to: Jack Black
Fun Fact: Middle name is John Lennon


Randomly AFK
(The now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t blogger)

Wynthea was Matt’s first blogging-partner, and served as the insufferable know-it-all during the Black Temple/Sunwell days. She’s still lurking around, somewhere, but never seems to get around to writing the articles she promises.

In World of Warcraft, Wyn retired from hard-core raiding after Blizzcon 2009 to focus on grad school. She occasionally logs in to run things on her Troll Priest, Human Priest, or Tauren Druid, and obsessively reads blue posts to keep informed. She’s currently trying to decide if her Druid will become a Worgen or a Troll in Cataclysm.

Website you visit the most: Google Reader
Favourite expression: Actually, they’re mostly sound-effects, which I’m not sure I can spell: “Mhhrr??”
Likes her coffee: With real cream, not that powdered crap.
Favourite WoW boss fight: Illidan
Can’t raid without: My Revolution mouse and about a gallon of water
Addicted to: Blueberry Muffins
Place to visit the most: Oslo, Norway
Biggest pet peeve: Irrational people
If I were on Star Trek, I’d be a: Romulan


The Pack Mammal
(All about the team and friends, and loves hibernating)

Thespius is one of the newest additions to the WoM team. After initially stepping into the Twitterverse, Thespius accidentally healed a Resto Shaman blogger named Lodur. Boy, was that a mistake! Not only did he get roped into Lodur’s healing team, but he got conned into putting his thoughts into text and calling it “blogging.” Oh the horror!!

In all seriousness, Thespius calls on Nazjatar-US his home. With a Discipline Priest, a Resto Shaman, and a soon-to-be Feral Druid, his enjoyment of the game grows. In his off-time, he’s a grad school student, an actor, a voiceover artist, and a Jedi. Well, okay, just a Jedi in his mind. He’s looking forward to Cataclysm and all the lovely girlfriend aggro that will come with it!

Favorite lyric: “Only the curious have something to find”
Most commonly used phrase in WoW: “Aww M$#*#&)(*)*#!!!!”
Little known fact: Lost a 3rd grade Spelling Bee by spelling “taktful”.
Disapproving 3rd Grade Teacher: Ms. Rexilius
Candy of choice: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Fruit Kryptonite: Watermelon
Hates the most in WoW: Elitists, Guild Hoppers, Loot Addicts
Number of badass tattoos: Zero
Number of countries visited: Thirteen
Scared of: Sadness

Retired bloggers


My name is Sydera and I like to heal things–think Florence Nightingale with foliage. I play a night elf druid on Ner’Zhul, and I raid 12 hours a week. As a guild officer for Conquest, I coordinate healing and recruit new raiders. I started playing WoW in Fall 2005, and it was love at first click. Before I discovered the joys of Broccoli-stalk healing, I raided as a holy paladin, and I now have alts in all healing classes. I have to say, though, bark beats poofy dresses and heavy plate in my book.

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