A Minor Suggestion to the Character Select Screen

A Minor Suggestion to the Character Select Screen


I’m not the first person to suggest it, but wouldn’t it be great just having mail icons appear on the character select screen for your alts? It can remind you of things like your auctions or if you’ve made any purchases or serves as crafting reminders. More importantly, I wouldn’t have to log into every alt just to see.

Someone over there make it happen!

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  1. Elendar says:

    I would like to have that feature too, unfortunately, onlys blizz dev can make it happens, i don’t think addon can touch the login screen  🙁

  2. wewhoeat says:

    the altaholic addon keeps you informed of all other character emails and even warns you if an email on an alt is about to expire.

  3. Askevar says:

    I would love this toon… altoholic is alright but I often get random false positives on there being mail expiring on someone.

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