6 Upcoming Blogs to Add to Your Reader

After some perusing at the Blog Azeroth boards and examining my own linkbacks, I wanted to share with you some upcoming blogs which hold potential (in my eyes).

What Heals: A blog from a T5 level Priest working their way through SSC. The blogger just found out about the wonder that is the Earring of Soulful Meditation.

Priest is the Word: The blogger appears to be a recent convert to the Priest healing profession. How did healing change for you after Burning Crusade came out? I can say right now that with the reduction in raid sizes, whacking moles became easier.

Lume the Mad: Quite the indepth analysis on the multiple parts of WoW from instancing, raiding, guild management, raid management, progression, etc. Lots of opinion here about current events and news.

Chick GM: This Chick GM speaks my kind of language and I’m glad to read about what goes on in senior positions in a Guild, especially one that’s on the brink of breaking into Sunwell. I’d love to see her write more often, but that wouldn’t be fair. It’s hard to manage a raid and write at the same time. It’s one of the main reasons I declined a position within our Guilds leadership. Besides, assigning healers to targets isn’t exactly serious business.

WoW Girl: Great blog! Except I can’t read a single word. But for those that can read (Portugese? Spanish? I don’t know), it looks like a resource worth bookmarking.

Larisa’s Corner: Heh, I like the analogy of WoW as an onion. As a student, I learned in the early age that the fastest way to read was to read down instead of from left to right. My eyes would scan and look for major keywords while my brain plugged in the rest (the, to, a, I, etc). This is the first blog in a long time where I’ve had to actually stop and re-read what what was written to make sure I understood the gist of it.

Welcome to the world of blogging, folks. Whatever your goals are, I wish you the best in meeting them.

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Hey, Matticus!

Thanks for remembering us - like 6 years later :P

WoWGirl is still alive, writen in Portuguese, and we have a great audience in Brazil and Portugal. If you like to know more about us, I'd be happy to send you some more info - in English ^^


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