3.3 PTR update

3.3 PTR update

Just a quick post today on the recent changes to the PTR.

Patch 3.3 Build 10596 is up and here are some of the changes you can look forward to right now


* The following reputations have been sped up by roughly 30%:

  • Argent Crusade
  • Alliance Vanguard
  • Horde Expedition
  • Kirin Tor
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade
  • Sons of Hodir
  • Wyrmrest Accord

* Sons of Hodir quests now give more reputation overall.

* Top-level helm and shoulder faction-related enchants are now available as Bind-on-Account items that do not require any faction to use once purchased (they still require the appropriate faction level to purchase).

* Reputation commendations can now be purchased for 1 Emblem of Triumph each.

This is a fairly sizable upgrade for us. Not only is rep grinding reduced greatly but once you get someone exalted with sons for example they can buy the shoulder enchant and send it to another character of yours. As an alt-aholic I love this idea.

Spells and Talents


  • Rejuvenation: The base duration on all ranks of this spell is now 15 seconds.


  • Reincarnation: The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 60 minutes down to 30 minutes.Restoration
  • Improved Reincarnation: This talent now reduces the cooldown of Reincarnation by 7/15 minutes, down from 10/20 minutes. Reincarnation cannot be used in Arenas.

The change to rejuvenation is great for players who are leveling. It adds 3 seconds pretty much across the board. The Shaman changes to reincarnation and the improved reincarnation talent make me very, very happy. I might actually find 2 points to put in it. Being able to self resurrect every 15 minutes is a great boon for progression night raids as well as just leveling. Toss in a Glyph of Renewed Life and you’re pretty much gtg.


  • Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation: This glyph allows for the druid’s haste to reduce the time between the periodic healing effects of Rejuvenation.

This is interesting to me because they announced they were looking at allowing haste to affect HoTs and DoTs. Link here for forums. So I’m curious if this is some form of experimentation on a smaller scale to see the effect of adding haste to HoT’s

General / UI


  • Any party member may mark targets (this does not apply to raid groups).

I can’t thank them enough for this. I was terrified that this would apply to raid groups. I run 25 mans mainly with my guild and last thing I needed was someone freely moving markers around on a trash pull *shudder*

That’s some of the major changes this build. Hope you get a chance to play with the PTR a little bit.

What are your thought’s on the PTR so far? How do you think patch 3.3 is shaping up?

Until next time.


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  1. Not allowing all raid members to move the marks around is a welcome change. That could have resulted in some awful stuff, especially since you won’t know who changed the marks around.

    Rejuv will be awesome for the resto druid that I am levelling through PvP. Though at level 17, mana regen is annoying.

    I also love the rep changes. I have two alts who needed to do the Sons of Hodir rep grind that can now just wait it out (mind you, one is now my main).

    Looking forward to 3.3, except the part where I have to grind a bunch of heroics again :(.

  2. Just a note, that’s not a buff the rejuvenation, that’s the removal of a nerf that was on the ptr last week.
    And rejuv is not just for players who are leveling, it looks like in ICC blanketing the raid with rejuvs will still be a viable druid strategy, and necessary in some fights, to the length is very important.

  3. @bruski when I looked up the spell for comparison the max rank (I think it was rank 15) had a duration of 15 seconds already. the various other ones (rank 14 and below) only showed 12seconds. I

  4. “This is a fairly sizable upgrade for us. Not only is rep grinding reduced greatly but once you get someone exalted with sons for example they can buy the shoulder enchant and send it to another character of yours. As an alt-aholic I love this idea.” Hallelujah!!!! I don’t have to do this rep grind EVER, EVER again!

  5. I was frightened by the potential HPM loss and reduction in blanket coverage that a 12-second (untalented) Rejuvenation posed. Every tree in Azeroth is breathing a sigh of relief since they decided to buff the first 14 ranks of the spell instead.
    .-= Forreststump´s last blog ..Breaking the Top 10 =-.

  6. where will scribes learn the new glyph from? should I start stocking up on books of glyph mastery? or will it be from some other new book?

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