2.4 Quick Hits

Here’s a few of my initial thoughts and impressions:

  • Omen: I like the way it looks, but I can’t seem to get it to function for me. Maybe it’s because I’m a healer. But I don’t get any bars of any sort.
  • WoWAce Updater makes my life easier for dealing with addons
  • Sunwell Island is an absolute mess. It’s amazing that my server’s hit 50%. Wait, is that part timed or is it just the unlocking of the last 3 raid bosses?
  • The quickest way to Mt Hyjal is to go to the World’s End Tavern in Lower City and talk to Zephyr who teleports you there directly. Although I do believe a certain amount of rep is required.
  • The badge vendor is available during phase 3, from what I heard.
  • Chat window appears to be buggy. No matter how many times I try, Guild Chat does not stay in one window. It appears in two. So does /say, /party and all the others. I tried disabling Prat but that seems to do nothing.
  • Need help with the new daily quests? Look no further than Siha’s guides.
  • Having an extra tier token drop is really nice.
  • 10 gold per boss kill is nice.
  • As are the 2 badges per boss. All of a sudden, getting 150 badges doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.
  • Primal Nether is going at a rate between 60 – 90 gold and there are no vortexes on the auction house as of yet.
  • There are always people who don’t read patch notes and resort to asking in trade, general, or guild chat incessantly about things that are blatantly stated in patch notes. I want to shoot these people.
  • Magister’s Terrace appears to be the first anti-Paladin tank instance.
  • My Ret Paladin got some decent upgrades without having to do anything.
  • Going to set up a Pickup Group for Mag’s Lair on Saturday consisting of mostly Guildies and their alts. Hopefully we can one shot "Bagtheridon".
  • Recount keeps asking me if I want to reset data every time I enter a new area.
  • Came quite close to lashing out at a Guild mate. A friend said in Guild Chat that "raiding on patch days are a pain". Somehow, that earlier Guildie took it as a sign that there wasn’t going to be a raid today and decides to AFK AV. He comes back and is dismayed to find that there is a raid and no one told him about it and proceeds to lash out at said friend because he seems to think it was their fault. I never had respect for the guy in the first place. His rank is that of a Backup Raider, not a starter. So he has no right to complain even if he doesn’t get.
  • I seem to have installed a new UI addon which has my name in yellow on the bottom left with yellow bars on a black background, and a black bar on the bottom right with an icon of a white sleepy alien-like thing. In the middle, I have another similarly striped black bar which has my name and functions as a targetting bracket. I don’t know what this addon is and it’s impeding my chat boxes. I can’t seem to right click or find the icon for it anywhere near the minimap and I have no idea what it’s called. Does anyone have an idea?
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