2.4 Quick Hits

Here’s a few of my initial thoughts and impressions:

  • Omen: I like the way it looks, but I can’t seem to get it to function for me. Maybe it’s because I’m a healer. But I don’t get any bars of any sort.
  • WoWAce Updater makes my life easier for dealing with addons
  • Sunwell Island is an absolute mess. It’s amazing that my server’s hit 50%. Wait, is that part timed or is it just the unlocking of the last 3 raid bosses?
  • The quickest way to Mt Hyjal is to go to the World’s End Tavern in Lower City and talk to Zephyr who teleports you there directly. Although I do believe a certain amount of rep is required.
  • The badge vendor is available during phase 3, from what I heard.
  • Chat window appears to be buggy. No matter how many times I try, Guild Chat does not stay in one window. It appears in two. So does /say, /party and all the others. I tried disabling Prat but that seems to do nothing.
  • Need help with the new daily quests? Look no further than Siha’s guides.
  • Having an extra tier token drop is really nice.
  • 10 gold per boss kill is nice.
  • As are the 2 badges per boss. All of a sudden, getting 150 badges doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.
  • Primal Nether is going at a rate between 60 – 90 gold and there are no vortexes on the auction house as of yet.
  • There are always people who don’t read patch notes and resort to asking in trade, general, or guild chat incessantly about things that are blatantly stated in patch notes. I want to shoot these people.
  • Magister’s Terrace appears to be the first anti-Paladin tank instance.
  • My Ret Paladin got some decent upgrades without having to do anything.
  • Going to set up a Pickup Group for Mag’s Lair on Saturday consisting of mostly Guildies and their alts. Hopefully we can one shot "Bagtheridon".
  • Recount keeps asking me if I want to reset data every time I enter a new area.
  • Came quite close to lashing out at a Guild mate. A friend said in Guild Chat that "raiding on patch days are a pain". Somehow, that earlier Guildie took it as a sign that there wasn’t going to be a raid today and decides to AFK AV. He comes back and is dismayed to find that there is a raid and no one told him about it and proceeds to lash out at said friend because he seems to think it was their fault. I never had respect for the guy in the first place. His rank is that of a Backup Raider, not a starter. So he has no right to complain even if he doesn’t get.
  • I seem to have installed a new UI addon which has my name in yellow on the bottom left with yellow bars on a black background, and a black bar on the bottom right with an icon of a white sleepy alien-like thing. In the middle, I have another similarly striped black bar which has my name and functions as a targetting bracket. I don’t know what this addon is and it’s impeding my chat boxes. I can’t seem to right click or find the icon for it anywhere near the minimap and I have no idea what it’s called. Does anyone have an idea?
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  1. As a healer, I have Omen but it’s toggled off. is the command. I never get aggro anyway and I don’t use it to heal off of. Grid tells me who has aggro.

    I heard a few Prat users complaining last night. I use chatMOD instead of Prat. Its only drawback is that it’s not from Ace, it’s available from Curse instead. That said, it worked perfectly yesterday and I haven’t updated any of my addons yet. I had to click and unclick a few things in the new chat settings menu to get them to work properly.

    The Recount users weren’t complaining, only those using WWS were.

    About the mystery addon, I have no idea.

    One last thing is the new combat log, it’s awesome! Maybe I can get rid of Eavesdrop now… I’ll have to investigate all the new functions.?

  2. What’s with all the ???? And it took away my /toggle omen command.

    Of interest, I got a little croc pet!!! I’m not a pet collector but I’ll be keeping him. His name is Chuck and he’s really cute.

  3. For the recount “issue”, it’s been there since 1-2 weeks, I guess you’ve just been slacking on Updating it 😉

    It can be disabled in the options (on what conditions do you want it to ask for a reset, group change, zone change…)

    Btw first comment, nice blog and all 😉

  4. Arduanne says:

    Hey Matt, if you right click on the chat log tab and choose settings at the bottom, there are several options on the left hand side. I think chat is the one that allows you to choose which chat tab guild, party, etc show up in.

    You have to be revered to use Zephyr.

    And not only were the people that ask idiotic questions answered by the patch notes bugging me last night but the sheer amount of hooliganism with raid icons and spells and abilities in trade chat was ridiculous.

  5. I was having the same problem with omen, I usually don’t have it displayed, which the ‘/omen toggle’ command still works to do that. But I discovered that as long as I have the MT selected, it’ll give bars on that target, otherwise you get nothing.

  6. Doc Holiday says:

    Ive been reading about MrT to make it easier for us next time

    Mage Guards – Glaive guys that stun. They either need to be CCed or killed first. Also MCing them and having them wreak the groups is a good idea

    Magisters – Stack spell haste on themselves. CCed or killed first. They do alot of damage fast if you leave them

    Dispel everything on the Maintank. There is alot of dots that will stack up on the tank quickly it needs to be dispelled asap. This is the majority of damage that will happen.

    Trash healers – they do not need to be killed first. They seem to only cast one heal on themselves so they are not as important as we have become used to in 5 mans

    1st boss – Easy. Kill the shards he syphons and heal through the aoe. On Heroic interrupt his mana drain

    2nd boss – easy as well. Have someone instantly kill his spawns. If not the damage stacks up and becomes impossible to heal.

    3rd boss – is not about tanking. its about healing. think of it as arena where you need to heal through whoever is getting hit. This will test your abilites as a PvP healer

    4th boss – Basic tank and spank for the first part. Before 50 percent kill the egg and phoenix. the last phase avoid the bubbles and dps when you come back down to the ground

  7. Omen is wonky. Half our raid DC’d on the Winterchill trash because people were trying to use the mod’s new “overview” mode. Very bad stuff, and it wasn’t really registering on single-target mobs either.

  8. “Magister’s Terrace appears to be the first anti-Paladin tank instance.”

    Could you elaborate at all on this. We did a Gruul’s/Mag farm for 9 tokens last night so I didn’t get to go.

  9. @ Doc Holiday

    I completely agree that the 3rd boss is an extremely difficult healing fight. I ended up tanking 2 of the mobs, and healed the tank/group exclusively with binding heal and PoM (on me first) because I couldnt spare cast time to not heal myself. Did I mention that they’re immune to taunt?

    As for the 4th boss (Kael) your tank better have a TON of threat generation or or the healer *will* be tanking.

  10. The mystery addon – as best I can figure (because I ran into the same problem when I rebuilt my UI last week) is Serenity. The sphere was fine until I updated with Ace Updater and suddenly I got the black and yellow bars you mentioned. Started removing addons until they vanished. Serenity was the last addon removed. I’ll admit I just started using Serenity earlier last week as a result of one of your posts – so I could be mistaken.

  11. Ilwil: Yup, you’re right. Turns out Serenity was the culprit. I turned that off for now until I can find some documentation and read up on how to turn off those frames.

    Honorshammer: A majority of the mobs are ranged which makes it rather difficult to simply run in and just aoe tank everything like most of the other instances. But that’s just my initial impression of it. As I run it more, I’ll get a better idea of it.

  12. “Magister?s Terrace appears to be the first anti-Paladin tank instance.”

    I’d like an elaboration on this well….I did MgT on normal mode twice last night (first healing on my druid with a prot warrior tank, then healing on my priest with a prot pally tank), and while I haven’t had a chance to check out heroic mode yet, I actually thought it was somewhat easier with the tankadin.

  13. Oh, I see now. Well, paladins don’t *have* to run in and AOE tank everything. If that’s their sole tanking strategy, you’re playing with horrible tankadins. =S They should be able to range/LOS pull and deal with CC just like a warrior or a druid can. /shrug

    IDK, just because a paladin is so good at AOE tanking, doesn’t mean that’s always the best strategy for them to use based on the instance or the pull.

  14. Doc Holiday says:

    Its not Anti paladin its just anti stupid.

    We ran in there last night with out any thought and rushing like madmen because we had to raid

    Proper focus firing of adds and Line of Sighting mobs will make the place easier

    Pro tip to all Pally tanks. Bring your healing gear and on the 3rd boss Heal that fight

  15. @Doc and the 3rd Boss

    Is he Untankable or do we need a Feral/DPS Warrior in the party.

    Note to self: Run this instance soon.

  16. Doc Holiday says:

    Yes they are untankable. They have no aggro table and try to behave as players in an Arena game would. They CC,Heal, go after the healer..etc..Treat it like that and you will do well

    Plus you also get different combos

    The only consistent thing is the Priestess. Ususally you will burn her fast and then go on to the Shaman or Warrior next.

    They also wear Season 1 gear if you look at them

  17. I can confirm it’s serenity that causes those black and yellow bars. I took off my addons one by one and it was when serenity was removed that everything went back to normal 😉

  18. Looks like Omen has been fixed, some people weren’t getting bars b/c their windows needed to be resized and some were getting d/c’d by Omen. Adrina said on the UI forums that she put some throttles in so there shouldn’t be any more d/c’ing.

    We also figured out with the chats that for some reason certain things won’t stay put unless you have them open in the chat and combat log (for sure money drops/loot are like this).

    I expect the hotfixes rolling out today will help some of the combat log and battleground problems.

  19. Magister’s Terrace appears to be the first anti-Paladin tank instance.

    — run it some more and you’ll see it ain’t hard to tank those ranged caster mobs. i usually pull them and lose line of sight, then aoe tank them at the previous room. (this comment applies to normal mode)

    that pro tip on third boss is great! gonna try that soon. lol.

    the third boss is a fun boss encounter. pallies can fear demons now — specially that hunter demon that likes to multi-shot.

    i’m too scared to do heroic mode. specially since we’re still wiping on kael at normal lol.


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