21 Things You Don’t Hear in Raid Finder

  • I think all the classes are balanced the way they are right now.
  • Ghostcrawler? Hell yeah I agree with everything he’s said about my class!
  • I would much rather queue for Raid Finder on my own that go with people from my own guild who I trust!
  • I have no problems doing dailies after because I love them!
  • That’s okay. I know I didn’t get the drop I wanted but I’m sure I’ll get it soon!
  • I’m just running raid finder for fun. I don’t need valor or loot.
  • My trinkets are proccing right when I need them to!
  • We don’t need to use Heroism or Bloodlust at all.
  • I’m sure the Priest who Life Gripped me meant well when he pulled me into the void zone.
  • Sure, as the off tank I’d be happy to taunt exactly when you need me to!
  • I respect your opinion. I think it’s absolutely valid.
  • You’re right, I’m not at the top of the DPS meters. I’m clearly not playing at my best.
  • Gee guys, I’d love to queue up with all of you again!
  • Our healers are doing an excellent job!
  • I ended up at the last boss again, but I don’t mind killing him even though I needed only the first two.
  • Congrats Warriors/Hunters/Shamans/Monks, we got three Prot shoulder tokens again! –  (Thanks @metao)
  • Whoo! We killed the boss! I got exactly what I wanted!
  • You must all be veteran, experienced players who know what they’re doing and have researched every boss fight in here!
  • I am happy with getting 16 gold on a coin roll I’ve used for the 10th straight week in a row!
  • It’s okay, I don’t need a summon!
  • That’s okay, we don’t have to kick that obviously AFK Mage over there who’s not casting anything.

What else would be extremely unlikely for someone to say in Raid Finder?

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  1. PeterAnargirou says

    I really do prefer to queue alone rather than with guildies. There’s no obligation of responsibility or time commitment!

  2. So damn busy!

  3. I’m sorry I pulled the trash! My bad!

  4. BloodyGneisha says

    “Our healers are doing an excellent job!”
     I have said variations of this, if I think someone is healing, tanking, or even dpsing well, I tell them so 🙂

  5. CaerMorrighan says

    What I now want to do is go into an LFR and attempt to say all of these things in just the one run.  Its a new challenge.

  6. Thanks.

  7. I actually had a few occasions of “You must all be veteran, experienced players who know what they’re doing and have researched every boss fight in here!” on late Wednesday nights (which is the first day of the lockout here). Seemed like all the raiding guild members go for a quick LFR after their first raid day.

  8. ykicamoocow says

    i think thats why its called LFR – looking for retard not LFP – looking for pro.

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