SYTYCB: 10 Silly Timewasters


This is Jen’s SYTYCB week 2 entry.

There is lots of expansion talk right now and with Arthas looming in the not-so-distant future you might be thinking where should I be spending my WoW time?

Do I need to get all my alts to 70 so I have an army to fight the Lich King?

Should I be preparing and gathering to level professions immediately so I can have the first flying carpet on my server?

Are there achievements I would like to have in place before Wrath hits (collecting mini-pets or grinding reputations to exalted)?

While all of these things are fun to do and can help complete some of your WoW-related goals, sometimes we need to be a little silly.  Here is my list of random things to do in WoW that will not progress your character or accomplish anything productive goal-wise. These are purely time-wasters.

Play With NPCs

If you see a pair of NPCs having a conversation, join in! They really don’t mind and it is entertaining for you and everyone around you. You can also slow walk or “RP walk” if you see a group of them going somewhere. I have found they never go anywhere exciting though, and normally end up vanishing into thin air.

Easter Egg Hunt

Have you visited Ophera Windfury or Haris Pilton lately? Blizzard has a great sense of humor and they have hidden pop culture references throughout Azeroth and Outlands. Just spend one hour in Un’Goro Crater and you will see plenty of references and spoofs of old console games.

One-man Bosses

Tanks get to be in the bosses’ face all the time where casters and healers have to take a backseat view to the action. So if you want to see what the boss looks like when angry and what kinds of goofy facial expressions he makes then pose as a tank. I am not saying one-man bosses you KNOW you can kill. This is to one-man bosses for fun and screenshots, not achievement. Be prepared for repairs.

Show Off

Ride around Shattrath on your armored netherdrake or stand in Stormwind with your new shiny epic. If you are the type that thrives on attention and the accolades from others, then this is the time-waster for you. Make sure you answer all whispers with “oh sorry, I was tabbed out” even though you were sitting there just basking in the adoration.

Toon Watch

Do you ever go to the mall and just watch the people shopping? This is similar; watching what goes on in your capital city can be a riot. Seeing how many people try to jump to the very top of the Stormwind fountain can keep you entertained for at least 10 minutes. I don’t think they realize how silly they look. Thanks for the laughs, fountain jumpers.

You Shook Me All Night Long

There are plenty of fun things in the game that can shape-shift you. This can be a noggenfogger party, a furbolg party or a ninja party. Be creative. Make sure everyone brings their favorite mini-pet and vanity items. Hellloooo brewfest pony keg!

Become a Regular

Stay at the same inn every night, or even find an empty building in Ironforge and call it your home. I chose to become a regular at a tavern where everyone knows my name. Who knows, they might start giving you a discount.

Suicide Jumps

This could be considered practice for the new achievements, but I’ve been doing this for a long time just for fun. It certainly helps if you have a way of surviving the fall, for example Priest’s levitate.

Give Me My Greypics

I do not consider myself a role-player, but I do enjoy collecting costumes or sets of grey gear. Instead of chasing epics that will be replaced eventually, why not chase grey sets? It can be fun and your guild can get involved in trying to find certain set pieces you are missing. Caylee is modeling the lovely crochet set.

/join trade

This might be torturous for some, but if you want hear more about Chuck Norris, murlocs or anal [insert spell here] this is the best way to get all of that in one sitting.

Enjoy the game you play. If you do not enjoy dailies don’t do them or find a way to make them more interesting. If stockpiling mats makes you yawn then stop it. If you are not enjoying the game, why are you here? What time-wasters or fun things do you do in game?

Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted. John Lennon

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  1. Again, found myself lawlin’ at this cause as crazy as they are, I find myself doing these things to a point. People watching in SW is my thing. WHILE showing off my sexy gear on my Talbuk. Oh yeah, while talking about my Anal [Fire Blast]. I love the personality behind the writer and the approach to such silly things. And while all the pics were awesome, you attempting to rock Illidan is a priceless image. You did a great job tying this all together.

  2. Fun pictures! You forgot the all-time greatest time waster, the Winterspring Frostsaber grind. I actually enjoy it on my warlock–I find massive aoe soothing.

  3. Lovely list, great pics. I especially liked the last paragraph. Some people just seem to forget that it is something to be enjoyed this “playing a game” thing.

    Yashimas last blog post..See my interface

  4. Doc Holiday says

    You know what I find myself doing ALOT just riding around in circles in Ironforge,Storwind or Shat. I will be talking on vent and just riding.

    stupid isnt it

    ps Transfer to Ner’zhul and keep a lonely Pally company 🙁

  5. Thanks for the comments 🙂

    @Syd: I know that’s a HUGE timewaster, so is the bloodsail buccaneers grind for the parrot and pirate hate, but you get a cool reward at the end. These were entirely things that will not accomplish any cool goals or character progression. Man I want that frostsaber on one of my toons though! /drool

    @Doc: Stupid is in the eye of the beholder 😛 And I don’t think your server could handle me, just listen anytime I join y’alls vent you guys get quiet or say “oh noes! A girl raided the treehouse!” Total He-man-woman-haters thing going on.

  6. yay go caylee! 😀

  7. Most of these are great fun!

    Not Trade Chat, though. That way lies madness! 🙂

  8. Great list! Don’t forget the ever popular Bank Vault spring cleaning….on a weekly basis. I sometimes go in there and rearrange my items based on color, or profession, or whatever!

    Keep the posts coming!


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