Zul’Aman and 2.3 Healing Weapons Analyzed

Kirk’s finished looking at 2.3 (twice) for Priests. Ego’s busy being busy. Phaelia’s finished the math for Spirit following the 2.3 changes. The Girl [who] Meets WoW covered the new badge damage loot. I’m going to round out the week and check out all the new healing stuff that’s available for us Priests in both Zul’Aman and Heroic Badge loot.


Main Hand

Dark Blessing

The Dark Blessing may very well be a blessing for all of us. Curiously, it sports a near 2% haste rating and has a whopping plus heal of 431. With an 81 Healing enchant, the total jumps to 512. When compared to it’s nearest equal, Lightfathom Scepter there is a noticeable stat difference. The Scepter offers +28 Stamina, 11 MP5, and +1 Int as compared to the Blessing. With 2.2, Light’s Justice would be the best mace going into Vashj. Now that has changed.

Off Hand

Voodoo Shaker

Combined with the aforementioned Dark Blessing, your Priestly power output will reach 567 +Healing. It boasts a decent number of stats to offset the lack of stats the previous mace. Your int. will jump to 39. Talisman of the Sun King, A’lar’s drop, has 59 healing and 6 MP5. It boasts slightly more stamina and more int but lacks any spirit.

Staff of Dark Mending
It’s a staff. Wait, it’s a SOCKETABLE staff. Loading up with 2 Nightseyes and a Noble Topaz along with a 81 Enchant to weapon yields an overall 524 +Healing, 20 MP5, and 51 Int. That just about blows my Crystalheart Pulse-Staff out of the water. I lose about 5 Stamina if I make the switch. It’s virtually on par with the Ethereum Life-Staff drop from Solarian. This is the weapon that I will be gunning for.

So in summary, the MH/OH Zul’Aman combination will give you a much stronger healing output. But the Staff’s 20 MP5 and Stat superiority allows you to keep chugging a few flash heals longer then you normally would. Sadly, there are no wands out there for us for the time being.

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