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In case you’ve missed it, here’s a few blue posts you may wish to check out regarding us Priests. Check out the some of the comments below here and I’ll post my thoughts.

We do want a lot of Power Word: Shields to be getting tossed out. You can use it on multiple people throughout the raid for additional regeneration if needed. We are still a little weary of where mana regeneration is at, we aren’t sure it is really going to be hit that bad with the changes in patch 3.1.

That definitely explains the set bonuses on the healing Priest class. The emphasis is shifting slightly towards damage prevention – no matter what spec you are.

The talents requested are relatively far down in the holy tree with the goal of improving overall healing, the thing is that we don’t feel discipline healing will really need these buffs as it could be fairly competitive as it stands. We feel the issue is the need to track the effectiveness of shields, since these don’t show up on healing meters it looks like the disc healing is low, but overall it should work out well if you add in the data from the shields.

Well said. That is what we need. I know there is a modified version of Recount that has tried to do this.

We agree that how grace works feels a little awkward, we are looking into this and may change it in the future, no guarantees though.

Personally I think they should increase the amount of targets Grace can be applied on. Maybe to 2 or 3. It would just be nothing more than a constant 9% healing increase (when fully stacked) on multiple targets.

We are still okay with how the weakened soul debuff works in a raid setting. If raids only allow 1 disc priest and it becomes a plaguing problem, we’ll look into it, but at the same time we don’t really want to see raids running around with only disc priests (this applies to any class).

This is true. Many raids still do not have any Discipline Priests at all.

Like I mentioned above, we feel the overall effectiveness of disc should be pretty good in 3.1 if you consider not just the healing but the shielding aspect of it as well. We will see how it plays out. (Source)

I didn’t feel severely handicapped during my time healing as Disc in the PTRs. But this was just on the normal setting. I haven’t been able to get into any 25s.

Discipline Priest in Ulduar
Will raids want Disc priests? We are honestly not too worried about that. We’d estimate about half of the healing priests we’ve watched in Ulduar are Disc, at least for the guilds that are making boss kills. Consider, that when you have a tank with 45,000 health and a boss is hitting for 25,000 health (which is not the kind of thing we did in Naxx, but is in Ulduar), none of the healing you can do will let that tank survive two hits in a row. But Power Word: Shield will. (Source)

Very true. So if you’re a Priest that is against using PW: Shield and relying more on healing instead, think hard about this comment.


I’m always on the lookout for blogs about blogging or writing. Problogger is starting another 31 Days to a Better Blog project. It’s been delayed by a few days. If you do have your own WoW blog and want to get better and to learn, I’d suggest participating. I know I’m not the only one as I’ll be joined by Anna as well.

The idea behind this is simply to have a group of bloggers setting aside a month of their time to work at improving their blogs. While we all want to have better blogs sometimes it becomes one of those things that we’re going to do…. one day.

If you’ve got the time and the will, I’d give it a shot and see what you can learn.

The challenge starts Monday.

Saturday Links

  • Canadianaconnection interview with me: @cletch sent me an interview request. Most of the questions revolve around my life and the balance I have between WoW and school. Don’t expect to read a whole lot about healing. The interview here is a little more personal then that. It offers you a bit of a behind the scenes look at World of Matticus.
  • Which of these 5 Bag Addons is Right for You?: A great post by my co-blogger Lilth over on No Stock UI. If you’re looking for ways to sort and handle your inventory, check out some of the addons she’s listed.
  • 6 Useful Addons for Forgetful People: Another one from NSUI. My memory is terrible. I suspect some of you have experienced episodes where you’ve forgotten to do something like take a screenshot when a certain achievement happens. Little did I know there was an addon that managed to do this. Check out the rest!
  • Fine art of Decision-Making – 7 Tips for Getting Decisions Made Easier: Post from Zen Habits. A great read for any officer or GM who has to make choices.
  • Emotional Intelligence – How to Get It: Courtesy of Leadership Now. This is something that will benefit from every player.
  • Is Any comment a good comment?: This is a question for the bloggers and the readers. It’s inspired by TyphoonAndrew. For me, I’ll try to comment if I think I have something to add. Even something simple as encouragement can go a long way. I know when I started blogging, it felt good to me when I read little comments like “nice post” or “good read”. If it’s something I enjoy, I’ll respond as well. If it’s a question that hasn’t been answered, I’ll do my best to provide one.
  • Wordy Warrior: Managed to catch my eye on Twitter that someone was starting a new blog. Say hi to @cristyen!

I’ve respecced tanking for the weekend. It’s been a long time.

In fact, it’s street hockey time. The Weekend Warriors are returning!

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  1. Here I was, snagging a quick blog read before heading to work, and there I see my name. What a surprise! Thanks, Matticus- the plug really means a lot. is a fantastic website, and I’m ecstatic you introduced it. I’ve got it bookmarked for future reading.

  2. @Cristyen: Always nice to see new blogs around. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff ^^

  3. I’ll be doing the 31day challenge too… getting prepared for it this evening. 😉

    Softis last blog post..I’m baaaaack!

  4. “Consider, that when you have a tank with 45,000 health and a boss is hitting for 25,000 health (which is not the kind of thing we did in Naxx, but is in Ulduar), none of the healing you can do will let that tank survive two hits in a row.”

    This is just a thought that popped into my head (so please don’t gun me down)

    I can now see a possible benefit to lifebloom having its bloom effect stacked – it could come in handy as a backup for when the shield drops (not sure how easy that would be to time though)

    A 15k bloom + HOTS + Nourish, Nourish, Nourish! might save the day?

    As I said just a thought…

  5. I can understand the emphasis shift to damage prevention. Makes sense to me. So, if that truly is the shift, why the nerf to the holy paladin Sacred Shield? I know what the blue post said that it was providing too much mitigation. Still curious to know the healing community thoughts. The last time I checked the patch notes, we will only be able to apply it to one person.

  6. @Kia: That sounds like a question for Syd to answer.


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