Your Dark Side: Forcing the Wipe

Your Dark Side: Forcing the Wipe

dark-side Normally I’d advocate fighting to the last man, but have you ever considered just throwing in the towel? Today’s post is inspired by Kregath’s topic on the Plusheal forums asking a tell-all of a question:

Have you ever been a bad Priest on purpose?

This got me thinking. What is the worse thing that a Priest can do?

The answer: they can not heal the raid and a wipe will happen as a result.

When working on a difficult boss that requires everyone alive, there may be attempts where you lose one or even two key players. Let’s assume for the moment that these key players are healers. They are the only ones tasked with the job of maintaining the raid. The other healers are too busy watching specific players.

As such, it would be difficult for your tank healers to transition over to raid healing because you’ve gone from 7 healers to 5. This increases the strain to the point where it becomes possible to lose a tank or lose the rest of the raid 1 by 1. With key players dead, the odds of a wipe continue to increase.

If you have an indecisive raid leader, why not force the wipe? You know in your hearts it can’t be done.

“But Matt”, I hear you say, “This goes against everything you have ever taught us!”

Rules are made only to be broken, young Padawan. If your leaders aren’t willing to accept defeat and try it again with a raid that’s all alive, then sometime a quiet nudge in the form of a wipe might be all that’s needed.

After all, wouldn’t you rather wipe at 95% then at 25% especially on a 10+ minute encounter?

Things to remember

  1. If you’re going to force a wipe, then you’ll want to do it discreetly.
  2. It’s best to be a healer with tenure so if you get called for it, you can play it off as an innocent mistake.
  3. Have an arsenal of excuses ready. With the Olympics on, Women’s Beach Volleyball is an excellent reason (I <3 Misty May).

Have I ever intentionally wiped a raid before? Nope. I’ve never had to, thankfully. I would definitely consider doing it if the circumstances were extremely dire enough. Although I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend doing this at all, your Guild may not be willing or perceptive enough to call a wipe even though it may be in their best interests.

On that note, what would Brian Boitano do?

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