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Here’s the link to the post at WoW Insider!

MP3 direct download.

I should note that it is now officially on the record. Both Phaelia and Elizabeth Harper (WI producer) have admitted that Priests are the best overall healing class in the game.

Thankfully, no one pushed me hard enough to admit what I thought was the worst healing class in the game. Glad I dodged that bullet.

Welcome to… the Healer Hour.

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  1. So… what’s the worst healing class?

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  2. @Veneretio: Rogues!

  3. Quick, someone get Matt drunk and draw him into a healer discussion so we can ascertain the truth of the matter.

    I bet he’d say paladins. It’s gotta be paladins. Is it paladins Matt? I bet it’s paladins.

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  4. Let’s see how the Wild Growth/CoH nerf plays out before we start calling least desirable healer. I like paladins. They’re cute in their pink and purple tin foil outfits.

  5. Thank you very much for handing out this link. I was disappointed when I learned I missed the show but now I can hear it again.

    I totally agree on the Glyph of Levitate btw… I wish there was another one that would allow us to use it as a sort of flight form hehe.

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