WoW Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

WoW Bloggers to Follow on Twitter


Still haven’t started using it yet? You might want to consider it now. More WoW bloggers have begun to use twitter as a way of keeping in touch with each other and for the purposes of micro-blogging. It’s also a nice distraction and a quick way for me to get fast responses from other WoWers.

For example






As you can see, it’s a great way for me to interact with other players and bloggers. If I need to ask a quick question which isn’t worth launching WoW for, I turn to the community. Right now, the WoW twittering community is fairly small. But if you use twitter, here’s a few bloggers that you might be interested in following:

@justannaToo Many Annas

Favourite tweet:

if I were queen of the world for a day: 25 engineers = Doomwalker, Voidreaver, and 23 FelReavers vs. Illidan.

@LadyJessLady Jess

Favourite tweet:

PS: My shadow priest was raid healing!

@FimlysAsleep at the WoW

Favourite tweet:

Falling asleep at my desk!

@gamedameGame Dame

Favourite tweet:

La la laaaa LA la LLLLaaaaa! (My American Idol audition.)

@AyliiShamanistic Rage

Favourite tweet:

A Resto shaman fighting an elemental shaman is the new prot warrior fight.

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