WordPress Slowly Becoming the WoW Blogging Platform of Choice

Renowned WoW Blogger BigRedKitty has migrated from his home on Blogspot to his own domain. A quick examination of his footer reveals that he too has switched over to the WordPress platform.

Earlier in the week, Gwaendar (of Altitis) switched from Blogger to WordPress. Not far behind him Before that, Ess also moved to WordPress.

From the list of Blogs I follow on Google Reader:



Blogspot Bloggers: 15 14
Wordpress Bloggers: 15 16

Conclusion: Both platforms perform as intended, but we’ve seen evidence of people switching from Blogger to WordPress. I have yet to encounter a WoW Blogger switching from WordPress to Blogger. Of course, there must be countless of WoW Blogs that have escaped under my radar so those numbers up there could very well be skewed in either direction.

So to all of you young Blogglings out there, I suggest saving yourself a day’s worth of effort and just using WordPress initially instead of signing up for Blogger and then switching to WordPress =).

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  1. I’ve sort of been considering a move to WordPress, because a lot of people recommend it, but Blogger has been working fine for me… so, we’ll see how it goes =P

  2. @Pike: I, too, resisted for a while but the sooner you switch, the easier it ends up being. WordPress even has a fantastic option to import your posts directly from Blogger. This is a HUGE time saver, even if you do end up having to do some tweaking on an individual basis. I greatly regret waiting as long as I did to make the switch as it’s a real hit to your site’s traffic when you do. Best to start building up web karma on the platform you’ll eventually stick with. So if you think you may make the switch, I encourage you to do it sooner rather than later. And if you think you’ll ever want your own custom domain name and web space, I recommend starting there rather than creating a blog through WordPress.com. Any number of bloggers (including myself) would be happy to give you any help you asked for, I’m sure. =)

  3. Myself included. If you want a comparison of self hosted blogs vs hosted blogs, check out this Problogger article: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/02/15/choosing-a-blog-platform/

  4. Just for accuracy’s sake, Ess moved before I did 🙂

  5. When I started my blog, I actually was on Blogger for about 2 hrs. Then I created a WordPress account, decided I liked that one better. I will never be as popular as BRK, and I by no means have the knowledge to use anything but the basics, but I am very happy with it so far.

  6. I’ve got my eye on your blog too. Don’t say you’ll never be as popular as BRK. You’re as popular as however you like to be. It all depends on how much effort and work you put into it. At the end of August, I barely managed 50 visits a day. Now I clock in 700ish.

  7. So far being with Blogger for coming up soon on a year. When I started my blog I just wanted something simple as I had no idea how much time I was going to invest in it let alone if it would last long. My blog was started to be just more like a WoW journal with my own perspective. I personally don’t have a problem with blogger. Yet I understand the feelings of the ones that may feel different. For now I’m just fine with Blogger and only time will tell in the end.

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