What Would Your Fountain Coin Say?

Check out this great post by community MVP Palehoof:

I saw a thread over on my realm forum which I really enjoyed, thought I’d mention the same over here.

High level fishermen (or fisherorcs, fisherbulls, etc) can fish in the Dalaran Eventide fountain and catch, occasionally, coins that figures from WoW history have thrown in, complete with the wish they made when they did so etched on the coin. My favorite is Landro Longshot, who wished "I wish i still had that coin." Amusing from the purveyor of TCG loot items.
With that in mind, if someone caught your coin from the fountain in Dalaran, what would it say on it? I’ll start.

Palehoof Geargrinder’s Shiny Silver Coin:
"I wish I knew how to make a Mechanostrider!"

Here’s Bornakk’s:

Bornakk’s copper coin: There are so many cool coins and you got mine, poor you!

And I felt this was simply too good not to share. So I ask you dear readers (and bloggers), what would your fountain coin say? Here’s mine:

Matticus’ Shiny Gold Coin:

“I can’t heal damage of that magnitude! That’s inconceivable!”

What’s yours?

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  1. Inconceivable? I do not think that means what you think it means!

    (Seen the Princess Bride yet? ;-))

    Sihas last blog post..Why the Lowest Common Denominator Works: No WoW-Killer In Sight

  2. “Why must all of the rogues try to die at once?”

    Brought to you by my being assigned to the etnire rogue group in MC/BWL.

    Ambrosines last blog post..I don’t know these people, officer, I swear.

  3. “You want me to tank WHAT with my face?!”

  4. “Surely Thrall wouldn’t notice if I ate one little gnome….”

  5. “Try to suck a little less this time.”

  6. Raid Leader:
    “I wish that once… just once… no one would stand in the fire.”

    mgzettlers last blog post..mgzettler: off of @mattycus ‘s comment concerning PTR tanks: I’ve got a aff lock that would love to hang out in ulduar!

  7. Mine would say:

    “Sorry, not the coin you need for the achievement!”

    Apadwes last blog post..Undead Stratholme Farming Solo

  8. Mine?

    Lifebloom, Lifebloom, LIFEBLOOM, /hug

  9. Klinderas’s Silver Coin
    “I wish to be the most fabulous person ever!”

    Colemand’s Silver Coin
    “Fel Orcs for Iron, Gnomes for Sweetness, and a touch of ground onions…”

    Klinderass last blog post..Moviewatch: Phailhaus 01

  10. My Human Death Knight: “…” (He is a man of few words)

    My Night Elf Druid: “I wish to go home.” (Home being Nordrassil/Hyjal)

    My Dwarven Hunter: “I’m doing pretty good. Ain’t got much to wish. Maybe a new hunting rifle?”

    My Human Warlock: “I wish for knowledge and power. Not necessarily in that order.”

  11. “One Day My Axe Will Drop”

    Wukkis last blog post..What Would My Fountain Coin Say?

  12. “Why are you fishing when there are so many glorious reputations to farm?”

    Aureilies last blog post..The Revenge of the Scale of Sands

  13. Akromah, holy paladin: I wish my amazing mana regeneration power would last forever!

    Kimberlys last blog post..Achievement Roll-Call!

  14. Kestrel’s Silver Coin: “You want me to heal the tank, or the raid, or the tank AND the raid?”

    Kestrels last blog post..Phaerwell, Phaelia!

  15. Cadrack – Holy Priest: WTB Common sense…. paying well.

  16. “I’ll go lolsmite on your face!”

    Holy Duegs last blog post..The Story of Fail Sauce

  17. “I wish Mage Armor had a new icon.”

  18. Hrm… Roleplay Myss – “May the Light forgive my dalliances with the Shadows. I can never attone for the suffering I caused.”

    Non-roleplay Myss – “%t! Can to haz ur lewts, plx?”

    Myssidias last blog post..WTB New Laptop

  19. Elleiras’s Slightly Tarnished Copper Coin:

    “I found it.”

    Elleirass last blog post..Today’s Top Search

  20. My goodness, did you finally read the Princess Bride?
    I replied on Stop’s blog, so I am going to be lazy and copy/paste it here

    “Saresa’s Shiny Copper Coin ‘hey, who moved that Hellfire button THERE?’
    Silver coin: ‘Pssst… this is Dagpep. I stole this from her purse. Free me from the evil wench’s claws!!!’
    Gold Coin: ‘The intense joy of being a warlock is that they never look for the pretty human hunched over casting in a dress. I hope they never learn’ ”

    Saresas last blog post..News at 6

  21. Arrystar’s dull silver coin.
    Resto Shaman

    “I told you, I can’t heal stupid!”

  22. “Gevlon’s property, return it to him … with interest!”

  23. O damn, I didn’t realize we were pulling!

  24. Zusterke’s coin – “I wish for new kneecaps instead of this bloody coin”

  25. Would that I could heal the scars of faction and hatred.

  26. “One… two… many… lots… darn. I lost count of the coins again.”

  27. “Sigh…I wish one person would help me defend the Goldmine”

    “INC Farm! I’m all alone get your butts over here!”

  28. Walking Firewood:

    “Plz have a Plan B if you don’t get these adds off me!

  29. Lodur’s:

    “I wish they knew I was more then a Chain Heal”

  30. “If we always got the gear we wished for, we’d all be playing something else.”

  31. “With DPS like this, who needs enemies?”

  32. I wish the Gnome racial engineering bonus let me fly engineering mounts

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..GoogledGnome 3.1: Duel Specs, Freyja is Hawt & How do I kill Arthas

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