What is Twitter?

I had a few questions about this over the past few weeks about what Twitter is.

It’s a web service that allows you to tell other people what you are doing right this instant and it can be a little active. By having a Twitter account, you can follow other people and find out what they are up to.

Do you use Facebook? There’s a part of your account that says Status (IE, Matt is playing WoW). Same idea.

Anyway, I synced Twitter to my blog so that everytime there’s an update, there’s a new “tweet”. You’re welcome to follow me on it if you use it. The front page also displays the last 3 posts I’ve made on Twitter.

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  1. I think the closest thing to call it is microblogging.

  2. Kulrayk: Yeah, that works too. I prefer Facebook-status-but-not-on-Facebook. =D

  3. it’s fun whatever it is. and addictive… bah why is everything on the internetz so addictive?? Do I have time for it? NO! do I do it anyway? YES! I miss sleep…


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