What I’m Doing on my Birthday in September: MoP out on the 25th

This is absolutely brilliant. The guess I made was a late summer/early fall release.

Incidentally enough, it debuts the day before my birthday and I already bought a digital deluxe and a normal copy for myself. Quite pleased that a digital deluxe is offered this time around. Saves me the trouble of staying out til’ midnight to get a copy of the game and battling through lines and such.

But, this is good news. With a release date, we now all have a timetable. I’m sure guilds and leaders are already in the process of gearing up for the release. Already, plans are in motion for roster additions and other changes for the expansion. We’re on the final stretch now.

What’re your plans?

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  1. I’m going to wati until at least December. I’ve got big plans for my November that won’t give me time to do much gaming.

  2. As a raid leader all I can think of is that I only have 8 weeks to finish off the current content in heroic.  I’m kind of disappointed that Blizzard didn’t make the announcement with any bells or whistles like last time.  I’m happy that I can now start planning my September. 🙂 

  3. tailgater biproxy says:

    Guild wise we are getting the achievement mount now rather than continuing to clear weekly, hopefully it only takes 2 weeks to get everyone it as i want at least a few more clears(they are also thinking of a short break i think :S), I’m still not BIS C’mon random boss drops.
    Personally been distracted with a new hobby but i will need to pull my finger out and level another rogue to 90, and do my usual pre-expansion farm to level professions once they increase cap, i know its a major waste but at least it saves a bit of farming time later. oh and i need to do a serious clean out of my bags/bank.
    Im curious when 5.0(the stuck at 85 but new  spells patch) will launch, hopefully 2 weeks+ before as will make interesting raids, but might be an important date for anyone still progressing.

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