What are Your Surprise Statistics?

When you bring up the Achievement window in game, there’s another tab for statistics. Looking through it, one can actually see their own history in the game. It’s mostly numbers but there’s a few intriguing facts too.


Number of respecs: 37 (Ever since dual spec, never had much of a reason to switch)

Total gold acquired: 151102

Health postions used most: 1 (And it was a Bottled Nethergon Vapor from back in Burning Crusade)

Food eaten post: 1592 (I am one thirsty and hungry dwarf)


1,294,002,336 total damage done: (Probably from a combination of Flame Leviathan and Malygos drakes)

2,306,499,782 total healing done: (Malygos probably made up a chunk of that as well)


Most deadliest Lich King boss: Loken 10 (First time I ran it)

Most deadliest Lich King 10-man boss: Sapphiron with 11

Most deadliest Lich King 25 boss: Sartharion with a jaw dropping 65 (All those 3 drake attempts)

Deaths in Naxx: 293

Deaths in Ulduar: 150

Deaths in Trial of the Crusader: 2

Deaths in Icecrown: 208

Resurrected by Priests: 38

Resurrected by Druids: 74 Rebirths + 56 normal resurrections (You can see who all the battle res’s go to)

Resurrected by Shamans: 48

Resurrected by Paladins: 67

Soulstones: 72

Ghouled: 3

Dungeons and raids

Boss killed the most: Archavon

Kel’thuzad killed: 20 times

Yogg killed: 7 times

Anub’arak killed: 18 times


Duels won: 4

Duels lost: 22

What about you? What character statistics about you are you surprised about the most?

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  1. Deaths from Drowning: 1

    Fish and other thing caught: 10,974

    Bandage Used Most: 17 (Triage Bandage)

  2. A lot of their stats are flat-out wrong. Apparently, the boss deadliest to me has been Patchwerk. I wish someone would have told PP that he wasn’t allowed to kill me more than 3 times last night. And I’ve died 200+ times in 10-man raids, but only 30 times in ICC… but the only progression I’ve ever done is ICC. I started raiding in January. I did spend a while wiping on JAraxxus in a ToGC pug, but it was not 180 times I can tell you that.

    So I don’t trust the stats at all, pretty much.

  3. You’ve been playing this game tons longer than I so idk how the hell I managed to have more total healing than you, oh Grand Poobah of Priestdom.

    2,337,238,119 total healing done.

    I am most ashamed about having +7k deaths though.
    Deaths from other players: 5060. Boo! They always kill the priest first.

    Most deadliest Lich King 10-man boss: Algalon the Observer 20 (and I still don’t have that kill yet!)

  4. Maraetha says:

    5.7k death’s…

    584 of those in Ulduar… 😛

  5. Deaths in Trial of the Crusader: —


    I wiped in there for months. Something’s not right here…

  6. Mr Bigglesworth kills: 2

    Nah – I nabbed him every time back when Naxx was our guild progression raid and every time since that Naxx has had the weekly.

    Can’t see the point of Blizz offering a stats page if in patches it’s about as true as randomly generated numbers.
    .-= Xeppe´s last blog ..Channeling Eliza =-.

  7. Random Lich King (heroic) dungeons completed: 309

    Total times LOL’d: 413

    These two have to be related in some way.

  8. About the bugged stats, I had a hunch that some of them were off too. Still, I don’t think it’s like… TERRIBLY off or anything like that ^^.
    .-= Matticus´s last blog ..What are Your Surprise Statistics? =-.

  9. For me it was the 3k+ honour kills… makes me realise I spend far too long in battlegrounds!! 🙂
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..What’s The Value Of Your Blog? =-.

  10. Spikeles says:

    (this on my Shaman i’ve had since Burning Crusade day 1)
    Auctions Posted: —

  11. I am definitely going to post my own numbers. Really interesting. I always knew there was a statistics tab but I didn’t really delve into it too deeply.

  12. Deaths in Trial of the Crusader –


    I remember it was very easy from the start, but this looks bugged to me: I know I have died a few times at Valkyrs and many times in heroic at Anub….

  13. Haha, currious!

    Emblems earned in WOTLK: 5205
    Epic items looted: 991
    Total damage done: 7.339.619.832
    Most deadly Lich King 25-player raid boss: Steelbreaker (53)
    Deaths from fire and lava: 1
    Total facepalms: 1
    .-= Qieth´s last blog ..Blizzard concept art =-.

  14. I recall when I first found the stats page, being boggled that my ‘largest heal’ was somewhere north of 100,000. I assumed later for some reason that it must have been cast during the Wrathgate event, as I think there were some mighty big numbers flying around the screen.

    Current surprise: deadliest Lich King 10 player boss: Grobbulus (really??) – 13. Deadliest 25 man boss: Thaddius – 19. I guess we had a hard time with them, which seems hard to believe now.

    By the way, I do know several people who went out and tried to die from Hogger just so they could get that ‘achievement’. Apparently it’s quite hard to do as a level 80 (I’m pretty sure he killed me way back when, but it doesn’t register now and I plan on keeping it that way!).

    Edit: Just noticed that ‘largest heal cast’ is the same for my Holy paladin as it is for my Warlock: 439268. Health Funnel is more powerful than I thought!
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..The Crowd Control Cure =-.

  15. They turned off a bunch of statistics shortly after Wrath came out; they’re still there to be viewed, but they don’t update any more. Most of the “largest” during combat things are like that.

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