What are Your Surprise Statistics?

When you bring up the Achievement window in game, there’s another tab for statistics. Looking through it, one can actually see their own history in the game. It’s mostly numbers but there’s a few intriguing facts too.


Number of respecs: 37 (Ever since dual spec, never had much of a reason to switch)

Total gold acquired: 151102

Health postions used most: 1 (And it was a Bottled Nethergon Vapor from back in Burning Crusade)

Food eaten post: 1592 (I am one thirsty and hungry dwarf)


1,294,002,336 total damage done: (Probably from a combination of Flame Leviathan and Malygos drakes)

2,306,499,782 total healing done: (Malygos probably made up a chunk of that as well)


Most deadliest Lich King boss: Loken 10 (First time I ran it)

Most deadliest Lich King 10-man boss: Sapphiron with 11

Most deadliest Lich King 25 boss: Sartharion with a jaw dropping 65 (All those 3 drake attempts)

Deaths in Naxx: 293

Deaths in Ulduar: 150

Deaths in Trial of the Crusader: 2

Deaths in Icecrown: 208

Resurrected by Priests: 38

Resurrected by Druids: 74 Rebirths + 56 normal resurrections (You can see who all the battle res’s go to)

Resurrected by Shamans: 48

Resurrected by Paladins: 67

Soulstones: 72

Ghouled: 3

Dungeons and raids

Boss killed the most: Archavon

Kel’thuzad killed: 20 times

Yogg killed: 7 times

Anub’arak killed: 18 times


Duels won: 4

Duels lost: 22

What about you? What character statistics about you are you surprised about the most?

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