Monk Information and Changes

Here’s a list of the upcoming changes for Monks in Warlords of Draenor.

Level 100 talents

  • Mistweaver
    • Breath of the Serpent (Instant): Your Jade Serpent Statue breathes healing mists towards you, healing allies in a cone with 0 yards for 1 every 1 sec, split evenly between them. Lasts 10 sec.
    • Chi Explosion (1 Chi, 1.5 sec cast): Consumes up to 4 Chi to cause the target to explode with Chi energy, causing additional effects based on Chi consumed:
      • +1 Chi: Heals an ally for 1 per Chi consumed.
      • +2 Chi: Healed allies also receive an additional 50% healing over 6 sec.
      • +3 Chi: This healing also heals all allies within 8 yards of the target.
      • 4 Chi: Also summons 8 Healing Spheres in an 8 yard radius ring around the target that lasts 15 sec.
    • Path of Mists: While in combat, you leave a trail of healing spheres behind you as you move, sapced 3 sec apart. These healing spheres last 15 sec.

Talent and Mastery Changes

Improved Monk Healing Spheres

Players will only use as many Healing Spheres as needed in order to heal to full health instead of consuming all of them. Spheres from Gift of the Serpent now heal an injured ally within 12 yards (up from 6 yards) for 100% (instead of 50%) of their normal effect. Healing Spheres from Afterlife will heal for the same amount as the other spheres.

Angelic Feathers

Spell Changes

Detonate Chi: Instantly detonate all of your Healing Spheres, causing each of them to heal a nearby ally within 12 yards of the sphere. 15 sec cooldown.

Mistweaver stances introduced 

Stance of the Wise Serpent will continue to be the stance from which to do traditional Mistweaving. The new Stance of the Spirited Crane will be the stance to use for Eminence. You can swap stances at will, with only the cost of a GCD and any current Chi that you’ve accrued. The intention is that Crane Stance allows Mistweavers to trade healing for damage; it should fall somewhere in the middle between being a full healer, and being a full damage dealer.

From the alpha notes

Class perks

These perks can only be earned from level 91 to level 99.

New Glyphs


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