Elegon Healing Tips

Elegon is the fifth encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. It’s a controlled DPS race in the beginning with a giant sprint at the end. Conserve your mana in the first portion of the encounter before unleashing everything you have in reserve for the last.


  • The Energy Vortex transforms players which increases both damage done and healing received by 50%. Players will need to step back out of the vortex occasionally to remove the Overcharged debuff. Your raid will take 5% additional damage per stack of Overcharged.
  • If you’re not a tank, don’t stand in front of Elegon. Like dragons, he has a Celestial Breath.
  • Elegon will hit varying amounts of players at random with Arcing Energy. This applied a Closed Circuit debuff to each target reducing the healing they receive by 25%. Choose your dispel targets carefully. If a player is at near full health, you can leave them alone. If it happens to strike a tank or a player that’s low, get rid of it. If the raid is relatively stacked, you can try using Mass Dispel. (Video at 3:24)
  • Stay away from Celestial Protectors as they explode when near death from Total Annihilation. (Video at 4:10)
  • During phase 2, Elegon will try to reactivate the Engine of Nalak’sha by sending out 6 Energy Charges to energize focuses. If all Energy Charges are destroyed, Elegon will keep creating Energy Charges (and each one with increased 20% movement speed). This process weakens Elegon’s physical form. This phase stops the moment an Energy Charge manages to leave the vortex in the middle. (Video at 1:10)
  • In phase 3, you’ll see these large force fields (Energy Conduit). Don’t cross them. (Video at 1:39)
  • Make sure you’re nowhere near the middle of the room going into phase 3. The entire floor will disappear. Priests, keep your Leap of Faith and Body & Soul handy. (Video at 1:48)
  • Same phase, watch out for Energy Cascade. Really easy to spot their targeting on the ground. Strafe out and avoid them. (Video at 2:22)
  • Before taking out the last Empyreal Focus, make sure your raid is healed up. Elegon will pull everyone directly to him via Grasping Energy Tendrils and deal 200000+ damage if there’s no one within melee range. You can spare a raid cooldown for this if you need it to help recover.
  • When Elegon reaches 50% remaining health, he becomes unstable. This is the burn phase of the encounter. He’ll periodically deal ~10000 damage to players within the Vortex and 23000+ damage to players outside it. I recommend players stacking in close to maximize healing AoE spells. Use Heroism. Use raidwide cooldowns and stagger them. (Video at 6:30)

Suggested Priest talents

  1. Void Tendrils
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Mindbender
  4. Desperate Prayer
  5. Power Infusion
  6. Cascade




  1. Nice video. Just curious are you the only designated dispeller or you have other healers helping you?

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