[VIDEO] Healing Valithria Dreamwalker

My first foray into video editing! I managed to compile the footage and stitch together some audio as well. There are enough boss strategy videos out there that explain what the overall raid needs to be doing on different encounters. My focus here was to target the individual who was healing. I’m not the perfect, top-tier Priest so you’ll catch a glimpse of several misplays throughout the video that I’ve made. All the while, I’ll be narrating the things I’m doing and why I did them. Therefore, it is assumed that viewers know the mechanics of the encounter.

You can tell by listening to the first several seconds that I’m extremely nervous and it took a few retakes when I was recording before I managed to calm my nerves.

The narrations will sound different periodically because I was experimenting with different amplification levels and microphone distances. Initially, I started writing down what I wanted to say at different points and then just recording it into Adobe Audition before importing them back into Movie Maker. About halfway through, I just gave up and recorded the rest of it in one shot on the fly without any serious scripting at all. We used to play a game in drama class that involved doing a bit of improv so I figured I could wing the rest of it. It’s the same thing during any sort of in-class skits, right? Get the rough outline and improvise the rest of it on the fly.

The various voices you’ll hear throughout the video is chatter from vent. I decided to leave them in there largely because I haven’t figured out how to strip them. Also, it’s there as a glimpse into the way my raids operate.

Next video is on Sindragosa which I hope will be infinitely better.

Things I need to improve on

Problem: Expanding into high-def or widescreen at least
Solution: No idea yet

Problem: It’d nice if I could freeze frame for a few seconds
Solution: Software issue? I’m using Movie Maker, but I’m going to see if I can grab an educational copy of Vegas from school at some point

Problem: Zooming in and drawing football-style X’s and O’s
Solution: Ditto the above

Problem: Too tense and nervous
Solution: Two beers

Your thoughts? Again, this is my first video so be nice. Once I get better and more polished, I’ll put subsequent ones on the WoW dot Com Youtube channel. I didn’t feel that this one was particularly up to snuff yet. But, I wanted to at least get my feet wet.

Software: Adobe Audition, Movie Maker, Fraps.

13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Healing Valithria Dreamwalker”

  1. Very nice. Interesting to get to see that fight as I was drooling over its concept when it was released.

    Problem: Too tense and nervous
    Solution: Two beers

    MAKE IT TWO SHOTS of Jack Daniels and you’ll be fine (and coincidentally you wont need to pee during the middle of the fight, because that will just add more stress to your video!)

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  3. I love seeing a fight from a healer perspective. (Even better would be if you were a tree :-).) If you are planning a library it would be nice to include another healer vid for this fight for those of us who stay out of the portals and raid heal. Very nice job!

  4. Good work! I stayed out of the portals on our Valrithia run so it’s interseting to see it from the other perspective. Looking forward to Sindy/Cindragosa as we’re about to hit her next.

    Also, didn’t think you sounded that nervous, so full points there. I’d recommend rum if you think you need it tho!

  5. About the only criticism I would make is that you should probably cut the vent/addon noise. It’s a little distracting, and takes focus away from your narration. You can either get rid of it as you record, or later on using Movie Maker. (I learned this lesson the hard way when I recorded a fight, made a video of it and didn’t actually play it… just to discover later on that I accidentally recorded myself singing along to my music on the video).

    If you want to leave some of the vent noise in, use Movie Maker to cut the noise out of certain parts. You should also be able to level out the volume of your narration using your editing program.
    .-= Saresa´s last blog ..Oh, The Trials Of Recruiting! =-.

  6. You *could* use something like WeGame, but to be perfectly honest, YouTube is about the best option both for quality and reach today for online video. The days of jokes about the YouTube shittification filter are long over.

    (Do remember to upload at 720p, though)

  7. @Matticus: If streaming is a must, my personal recommendation is definitely WeGame with other great alternatives being Viddler or Vimeo.

    @Ekatrina: While YouTube’s quality is definitely getting better, its quality wasn’t the reason it was bad to begin with. 😛

  8. + good overview in this video
    + good explanation of how to do the portals
    + good thing to mention the guardian spirit usage

    – no other explanations about the fight, no intro or summary of what was going to happend
    – don’t record with sound on, the dings and guildmembers talking really isn’t nessesary
    – no facts at all except that you used 7 healers for the fight and spread around for healing Valithra and rest on the raid. Who healed who and why? Maybe a quick recap of strengths that made you go with the healing setup that you did?


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