[Video] Endless Healer Proving Grounds

[Video] Endless Healer Proving Grounds

Here, watch this video of me in my first ever effort on the new healer Proving Grounds.

You can read more about the experience in detail on WoW Insider.

In other news, I spent money buying Spirit Guard Udyr in League of Legends this morning. Then the new transmog helms were available and I bought all three of those (I like the Crystal Skull helm one the best). Looks kind of odd on a Pandaren though, don’t you think? Luckily, there’s a guild transmog contest happening this upcoming Tuesday. The theme is blue! Now I need to find the rest of my transmog pieces I want to match up with the theme. Any ideas?

You know, I used to be that guy who scoffed at buying cosmetic and aesthetic gear. Who’d want to buy mounts? Why bother buying skins? What’s the point of battle pets? None of this stuff is used in the betterment of my character in anyway shape or form other than in looks, and even then, that’s subjective.

Five years later, I’ve sunk over a grand into League of Legends skins (alone).

Free to play game, they said.

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  1. mataoka says:

    Thank you so much for this video: this is far better than training dummies.

  2. compactdiscpriest says:

    any tips as disc? I can’t get past gold, and I feel utterly useless. I used to think I was a decent healer, but now I see healers going deep into endless. I am reforged/gemmed to 13k spirit, and I always go OOM on the 10th wave. Always. Or the tank gets two of the brute-ish adds on him and all my CDs still can’t keep him up.

    • compactdiscpriest Without any other details, it’s going to be a little hard for me to diagnose it. If you can get away with using a cheap spell, do it. Don’t need to use Flash Heal when a simple Heal will do the trick. Use your mana hymn early around Wave 3-4. It should be up around wave 9-10. Use your Barrier when both of the big guys are up. Since you’re hitting OOM at wave 10, your goal should be to streamline waves 1-9 and figure out where you can save mana. Use Psychic Scream and your AoE Roots to slow down and stall melee minions at max range before they can close in and start DPSing your group. Good luck!

    • compactdiscpriest says:

      mattuzzi compactdiscpriest here’s my loadout:

      -all gemmed for spirit
      -flasked / 300 food
      -mindbender / cascade/ desperate prayer 

      I can make it to mid-9 with perfect mana, once 10 starts is where it gets crazy. I think I need to Atone the big guy down before wave 10 starts. 10 is smooth until the second set of ranged adds comes in. Then I end up spamming everything and I still die. I save all CDs for Wave 10, and the damage is too intense. I need to work on CC though. Heroic friend suggested Holy instead, which is what she did. I feel like that’s “gaming” the setup though. I love disc healing, I pride myself on my disc skills and want to beat this as disc. It’s a real hit to my pride to fail over and over on this.

      Thanks so much for your advice, going to head back into the fray now.

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