Unique Equipped Doesn’t Mean 1 Per Character

You’ve seen these items drop in some heroic instances. They’re these epic high powered gems that used to say Unique on them. I had a Luminous Fire Opal drop twice in heroic Shattered Halls last night. Sadly my Resto Shaman only got one because some Enhancement Shaman I know need rolled on the other one. This Enhancement Shaman, to my knowledge, has no INTENTION of healing or going resto *GLARE*. I could’ve used 2 of these Fire Opals *sniff*.

Definition of Unique-Equipped Courtesy of WoW Wiki

If an item says it is “Unique-Equipped”, it means that you can have only one of those items equipped at any one time. You can have as many as you see fit in your inventory, but only one actually equipped to one of your items.

This is mostly to prevent absurd overpowering of characters with amazing gems, but still allows them to craft and sell them to others even when they already have one.

I know I’m not able to socket the same epic gem on the same item. I can put it on separate pieces. The definition on WoWWiki confuses me though. From what it says, if I were to socket Luminous Fire Opal on my pants and my chest I can’t equip both of them at the same time?

Ergh, if only I had both of them to socket then I could determine it for myself! 🙁

Thus ends my QQ post.

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Do you use Twitter? I’ve been using it for a while and now you can follow me on it. I added a plugin that displays recent “tweets” which includes new blog posts (for those that don’t use any kind of RSS reader) converted into a tiny URL. My original plan was to display excerpts of my latest post (up to 50 characters or something) in that same spot. But technical problems have forced my hand and Twitter is my plan B.


Have to fix these sooner or later *sigh*.


I know there’s a lot of WordPress bloggers that read my page. I was thinking about doing a piece on the weekends compiling all the plugins that power World of Matticus. Definitely not WoW related. That’s why I was going to put it up on the weekend.


My cousin’s in town and she’s leaving tomorrow. After I get home from dinner with the family, I want to write up a piece on this amazing addon. It will either be up tonight or up tomorrow morning. If you’re a raid officer or leader or healer, then pay attention to this piece because it will definitely be of interest to you!

3 thoughts on “Unique Equipped Doesn’t Mean 1 Per Character”

  1. I’m looking forward to the Recount post. I tried it for a short time, but definitely did NOT like it for my DPSers (for one thing, I didn’t need the .24GB data file it created!). I’ve switched to Violation, which does exactly what I want a damage meter to do.

    So, if Recount will be a better tool for Osprey, I’m open to change.

    BTW, I like the new look!

  2. You are correct, Matt. If you had the gem socketed into your breastplate and your leggings, you wouldn’t be able to equip both pieces at the same time. I like to avoid overlap by equipping each gem in different items of the same slot. So for instance, using one in my PvE legs and my PvP legs.

    I’d rather it worked a bit differently, where at least you could EQUIP the items, but you’d only derive the benefit from one of the two gems. Of course, a message would need to be generated to your chat log indicating that there was a problem so that you wouldn’t absent-mindedly think you were wearing a completely valid set of gems.

  3. I think the unique-equipped gems work kind of like the Meta gems and their requirements. You can equip the second item that has one of those gems, it just won’t work.


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