Undisputed Method of Earning Damage Control

Undisputed Method of Earning Damage Control


You can earn the Damage Control achievement by either dishing out 300000 points of damage or healing 300000 points of health. Now you could always just grind AV in the hopes of getting lucky and having the game last long enough.

I think my way is a little easier but no less frustrating. Warsong Gulch will continue to be the undisputed stalemate of BGs for a long time to come even at level 80.

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  1. I did those 300000 healing in my first eots after the patch hit. I was after the g.n.e.r.d.-achievement and just ran after the party of people that seemed healworthy. 😉 But I guess drive-by-hotting is a little easier than priestly healing. 😉
    Btw: I LOVE wild growth!

    Screenshot or it didn’t happen! 😉 http://tinyurl.com/5bl8lj

  2. Hey, I might now be on tonight, I forgot I had said I’d do something tonight. Please let Doc know since I had talked about doing mag and/or hyjal

  3. It was a long AV and I healed the shit out of everyone using a talented 1 second Healing Touch and got the achievement.

  4. Thats a lot healing to do
    Whats your higher so far?
    i havent had the time to do any of the Bgs achievements since i was working on the hallows end one(already completed all of em) and working on my alts with the recruit a friend program

    Holyfabs last blog post..Shadow resist gear about to be dust?

  5. Was trying to do this on my lvl 18 twink lock… (needs 1 BFD run for the wand before she can lvl lol) and i topped dmg in an hour long battleground (with other 19 twinks) at 35k dmg…

    So it seems that at lvl 19 this quest is out of your league unless you get a group of 10 and hand in the first 2 flags and then honor camp for like the next 8 hours…

  6. @Holyfab: I’ve probably hit over 500k once before.

  7. Tried to do it as ret and was no 1 on KB and still only 240k damage in a 0/60 av. But as holy? easymode. Got it half way through and went on to get 600k healing by just hanging out with the zerg.


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