Twitterati’s Advice to GM-to-be Matticus

Twitterati’s Advice to GM-to-be Matticus


Let it be known that to me, GM does not stand for Guild Master. I prefer to think of it as General Manager. Sports terms work a lot better for me and it’s something I can handle (though I suppose it is more of a business term). Yesterday afternoon, I lit up a simple tweet:

What advice would you have for up and coming GMs?

The response was absolutely long and enormous (as you can see on the left).

I don’t know if there’s much more to be said after such a myriad of replies.

If you have anything you’d like to add, feel free to do so.

Bonus points if you can match the Twitterati and keep your advice under 140 characters.

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  1. I Don't heal says

    Sweet Tabard is a must.

  2. Don’t make too many rules, I prefer guidelines! Don’t be afraid to change what doesn’t work but make changes carefully and keep track of the status quo somewhere easily accessible for your members.

    You can’t please everybody and drama is near inevitable.

    Always be clear on what type of guild you want to be. Have your goals in mind and never forget to tell your recruits … you may feel weird repeating that over and over again … but if people com into the guild with wrong expectations …

    Communicate – make a good website/forum …

    Gotta go … I think I need to write my own how-to-guild post soon^^

    Good Luck!

  3. Well now I feel like a tool.

    Be wise with you’re officer choices. Clearly define any rules, publicly. Don’t stress and have fun!

  4. 1. Comprehensive yet concise charter. Lay down the rules up front.
    2. Delegate responsibility. Have clear officer roles, and don’t do it all yourself.
    3. Recruit very carefully. Drama queens can tear a guild asunder, even the best guilds.

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  5. Prepare an escape path now.

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Why can’t we all just get along?

  6. DramaLlamas get gkicked.

  7. My ex guild made a lot of real – life – encounters, like BBQs and dinners. If you have the opportunity, It’s always fun to meet people you are playing with.

    good luck =D

    wowgirls last blog post..Wrath of the Lich King leveling guide

  8. Be consistent.

    Careful with making too many rules, but follow the ones you make.

  9. Sometimes the best advise is to listen to your heart…look within you Matt. You’ve had the answer all along.

    …I even faved it on twitter ;-p

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